Charming Rustic villas with space just for two – 1 bed villa with private pool

Many of us plan going on vacation with family, friends, children and parents. But sometimes the best relaxation with the one person you love is the best choice. To avoid unnecessary explanations to beloved family or friends why you two would want to travel alone, the best move would be to book a 1 bed villa with a private pool, because there is only room for two. If you have a taste for the little charming rustic accommodations, old renovated historical villas would be the best choice for you. 1 bed villa whit private pool equipped with a rustically designed kitchen and modern equipment. The villas are romantically decorated and designed to connect the best of the past and the future. You will have complete privacy inside the stone fence, and be free to spend your honeymoon as you desire without being disturbed in any way. It can be your own personal romantic private vacation. For young couples a 1 bed villa with private pool is the best opportunity to have a great time together and for married or older couples for relax from daily stress, family obligations and have some time alone. There is a special romantic scent in this design of a villa that will make you beautiful memories that you can share only with your special person.

  Modernly designed for relaxation on your own or for two – 1 bed villa with private pool

Many business people are traveling alone on various destinations. Why not rent a beautiful 1 bed villa with private pool to make your business travel more enjoyable? It would be great to return to a beautiful and soothing accommodation after an exhausting business meeting. These villas are modernly designed and completely equipped for all of your needs. After returning from work, the best way to relax is to take a swim in a pool in quiet surroundings. If you are a couple that search for modern accommodation just for your two, the 1 bed villa with a private pool will be your own modern paradise. Modern design picked by designers with taste, beautiful contemporary furniture and a private pool are a winning combination for the just married or the ones that are heading to that goal. Not many 1 bedroom villa with private pool are available at this time, because most accommodations are designed to accept more capacity of guests, so to book something exclusive and petite, you must be quick. If you find one available, it will not be free for long.  Most couples search for a private accommodation, where they will not be disturbed. If you are searching for a more exclusive villa just for a trip with your partner or for a honeymoon, the 1 bed villa with private pool would be the best solution for you.