The rich cultural legacy of this beautiful island incorporated with a stunning nature is a perfect place for planning a vacation in the most enchanting historic villas or in villas that are a monument to modern architecture.

Lets find out how your Luxury villa Hvar looks like..

Luxury villa Hvar – the charm of history

Thanks to the mild climate, island Hvar is one of the Croatian islands that has guests during the whole year. Guests prefer mostly summer days when the atmosphere is fantastic, but warm winters attract nature lovers, even scientist and archaeologist that have a abundance to explore; dense Mediterranean nature, ancient architecture and culture. Strolling around the island you will find plenty peaceful lavender fields, olive trees that date more than 200 years and autochthon vineyards, carefully tended by the locals that preciously cherish their legacy.

This island is a stunning oasis for a unforgettable holiday. Hvar was a stopping point in many trade and travel routs during the History. Many wars were fight in this region and Hvar was always a location of quarrel as both sides in war wanted to take possession of this trading route because of his significance and value. Many cultures left their mark on the island, building stunning monuments, houses, castles, and defence walls around the island. The one that interest us the most is our luxury villa Hvar. Mostly as all Mediterranean houses, these monuments were built from stone, with a wooden blinds painted mostly in green colour.

That were regular houses in that time, that have survived such a long time, but today those houses were carefully refurnished by their owners that have inherited over a 300 year old monuments and transformed them to stunning rustical Mediterranean villas. These objects have full modern equipment to ensure your full comfortable stay, but also ensuring to preserve the ghost of the past that makes that kind of accommodation perfect for all time travellers. Smell the salt, pine trees and lavender all day long on your most perfect vacation in a big choice of rustic villas on the island of Hvar.

Luxury villa Hvar – modern wonders

Stunning views are the main component of a Hvar panorama. From a modern and beautiful luxury villa Hvar, this view looks like a masterpiece drawn on a canvas. The never-ending beauty of the island makes him a perfect place for modern architecture whose main components are of course stunning views and minimalistic stylish arrangement.

Fantastic traditional gastronomy of this area will make your stay more perfect, the look on many beaches, bays and the crystal blue sea from your stunning balcony of a modern villa or maybe from the infinity pool will make your stay unforgettable. Hot tubs, Sauna, Spa area, tennis or soccer playgrounds, and even a indoor pool makes this villas suitable for the vacation in any time of the year. Spend your dashing vacation on the most beautiful islands on the Croatian coast and let is surprise you with her many hidden secrets and fantastic tourist program.