Rustic and romantic Villas to rent in Croatia

The whole Croatian coast is recognizable in his specific historical heritage. Strolling trough old city centers, you will notice that stone houses dominate in the historical architecture. Churches, houses, villas, all are built in a tradition dalmatian fashion, with stone and wood. Specific green wooden blinds are usual on almost every stone house, a gateway is a classic entrance to the property with stone wall surrounding the house and wooden (mostly green door). This is how Croatian houses and Villas on the coast are made trough generations and decades trough history. This cultural inheritance is been nurtured also today. Very popular among our guests, villas to rent in Croatia in a Rustics style, are a time travel accommodation, with a beautiful experience of romance, smells of salt and pine trees, that have surrounded this type of villa in decades. Most of these villas are inheritance to the Owners. A few generations have grown up in those villas, making it a very warm and emotional place to be.  The Owners take a big pride in decorating these villas, restoring them to their former glory, equipped with all contemporary and necessary appliances, but keeping the spirit of the past preserved as much as possible. Don’t be mistaken, these houses have all the necessary appliances that any modern house has. The core of a Vacation in traditional villas is to experience the time travel, romance, simplicity and the beautiful way of life of the city or place you are visiting. In our villas to rent in Croatia, there is rustic romance to experience, if you think such a vacation would be the best thing for you. We think you will surely not be disappointed.

Modern wonder Villas to rent in Croatia

It is all about presenting the most spectacular view you can imagine. Out of the bedroom, living room, terrace or Infinity pool, the Contemporary architecture is about simplicity and experiencing as much surrounding beauty possible. Simple modern lines of décor in these villas make them the newest wonder of architecture. Villas to rent in Croatia in a contemporary style show elegance, luxury, high class and beauty. Characteristic are of course big glass windows in every corner possible, especially if the house has a stunning view on the Islands or beautiful nature. The infinity pool also is something essential to a modern villa. Connect with the sea View and have the feeling you are swimming in the beautiful blue see looking by just entering the pool. All Rooms are also sunbathed as much as possible. For simplicity and a luxurious holiday, contemporary villas to rent in Croatia are the best pick for you if you like to have your vacation in futuristic surroundings perfectly connected with the beautiful green panorama or fantastic sea View. If you are searching for something like this, you will sure not be disappointed wit the offer and creativity that you can find in our villas to rent in Croatia.