Cold autumn days are here and there is no better way to spend your vacation than in a luxury villa with a heated pool surrounded by perfect scenery. 

There are a lot of houses and properties everywhere that have something special, at any time of the year you visit. Every luxury villa is unique in its way – but all of them have something special in common. They all look magical in the light of the autumn sun.

But first and foremost, we must ask you to imagine having a nice swim in a heated pool. Your vacation in a handpicked villa surrounded completely by beauty, serenity, and magnificent gardens will be an excellent experience. You will have the best time of your life all the while enjoying yourself by the pool. Or in the pool, of course.

What invokes memories of autumn better than the rustling of the golden-coloured leaves, crisp mornings, and a bit chilly evenings. A given for a nice swim in a heated pool for sure.

Lazy autumn nights by the fireplace whilst making the most out of your villa vacation, will make memories and stay with you for a long time even if you are just “sitting around” and looking at the stars.

The best way to spend a family vacation in Croatia is to rent out a villa filled with all the luxury and with a big pool. There is always some special autumnal magic in this time of the year when the bustling of the summer comes to an end and the days become shorter. Ideal for you to take a family vacation and make the most out of your time spending it in total peace of the setting of the villa. An utter perfection of a vacation, wouldn’t you agree.

Villas with a pool will provide you with so much more than any other holiday home. It owes this to the fact that a pool is always an excellent addition to your vacation, especially if the sea is not so close by or you chose a secluded villa. Either way, for you not to swim in the sea because of the weather because of your own choice, the pool will be here for you – every time of the day you want to take a swim. And it will be perfectly maintained and at the perfect temperature.

Whichever region and location you choose for your vacation, make sure that it also includes the pool. The pool makes all the difference. Not only that it gives your holiday and an extra dose of luxury, but it also gives you plenty of opportunities that you wouldn’t have otherwise. You can have big bedrooms with huge beds and wonderful views from your balcony and pick out the most perfect location of your villa, but the pool is just the thing that will complete the story.

Morning coffee tastes different when you have it by the pool, sunbeams fall on you differently when you are in the pool. Time with your family and friends feels like something so much more when you spend your time having fun in the pool. It doesn’t matter if the weather is a bit crisp and the night comes sooner, the pool is here to warm you up and to prolong the fun times.