If you need a vacation that will cure all of the ills of modern life, spend summer in the beautiful villa Karin in a place known for its healing mud and unprecedented natural beauty.

Dalmatia is full of hidden jewels, and one of them is Karin, a small town located on the shores of the ​​Karin sea, at only 40 km from the historic city of Zadar and 60 km from the medieval beauties of Sibenik. Karin is composed of two parts, the Upper and Lower Karin, and descended from ancient times, therefore, this whole area is rich in valuable historical sites. Thus, from gradina Miodrag you can see the remains of an ancient hillfort settlement built by ancient tribe Liburnians, while from the Roman time can see the archaeological remains of the temple of the goddess Latra, a small Roman amphitheater and the Roman road. Some historians claim that here were and amphitheater in which they held the bloody gladiator games. Villa Karin is situated within this beauty, in Karin Gornji located above the Karin sea which guarantees you a spectacular view on a gentle bay.

Modern furnished villa, great design is subordinate to comfort and privacy of their guests. There you will enjoy the peace and quiet, nature, beautiful view of the sea and the mountains in the hinterland. Destination is ideal for those who seek  much more than sun and sea. Karin is interesting because of its unspoiled natural beauty, secluded hamlets, picturesque harbors, clear waters and beautiful beaches. The valleys are dotted with numerous streams and rivers, and the rivers Karisnica and White river  are pouring into the Karin sea and create a healing mud. This mud is the reason why many tourists flock to this place for medicinal mud therapy. An interesting phenomenon is the canyon of the White river which dissolves the limestone and therefore takes the white color. The surroundings are adorned with colorful hamlets scattered across the plains and hills, away from the coast, which are evidence of Karin's residents lifestyle. They are mainly engaged in agriculture, livestock and viticulture. This is an ideal destination for nature lovers because this small area facing the sea, rivers and mountains.

You can visit the Krka and Zrmanja canyon, White River waterfalls, a natural mud and Velebit Nature Park. Karin Sea is bay area of ​​5.7 km2 and average depth of 12 meters, which is perfect for a romantic boating, SUP's, fishing, scuba diving and others. Fans of active tourism can enjoy cycling, hiking, rock climbing, driving kayaking through the canyons of rivers or discover the beauty of the nearby national parks Paklenica, Krka and Kornati as well as many neighboring islands. If you want some entertainment and night life, within 20-minute drive you can be in Zadar and surely find something for yourself. Karin will satisfy your appetite for local delicacies. The local hosts grow their own food. In addition to local food, do not miss visit the most famous fair in Croatia located in the neighboring Benkovac. There you will be familiar with the various crafts and see the customs of the local population. Book Villa Karin and visit some of the natural phenomens in surrounding. Enjoy the sun, sea, mountains, rivers, islands, local food, festivals and historical sites all in one place.