Luxury vacation rentals in Bol on Croatian island Brač are ready for new season! Stylish interiors, stunning outdoor spaces, beautiful bedrooms and sea view are waiting for you!

Croatia is known around the world for its beauty, music, cuisine and sports success. But, before the Croatian football team became planetary popular, Zlatni rat beach on the island of Brac was first association on this beautiful country.  This summer you have a chance to visit that place. You will be stranded on a natural phenomenon, a unique beach that stretches perpendicularly to the seaside and whose shape changes over the year depending on the wind and the sea currents. You will enjoy more than swimming and sports activities because on Zlatni rat you will have rich social life. Namely, everyone on Brač is very important to come to this place.

If you don't have a selfie from the Zlatni rat is like you were never here. So don't be surprised if you share your photo with someone who is world-famous. The island of Brac itself abounds in beautiful sandy beaches and rocky beaches, hidden bays and picturesque Dalmatian places. Is there a better holiday destination? Luxury vacation in a beautiful villa by the sea with perfect kitchen, terraces, private heated swimming pools and luxurious rooms. In addition to the ideal accommodation choice, you will also have interesting activities, so you will be able to explore the island on land, by sea or air. Cycling, romantic walk through centuries-old olive trees, diving in the sea, fishing, free climbing, quad, bike ride, jumping from the parachute or having fun with whole family on the beach or in one of the water parks, are just some of the activities you can do. Brač is an ideal starting point for exploring other Dalmatian islands that you can daily make by ferry, organized excursions or individual tours. A relaxing vacation on Brač is an adventure that you will remember for a lifetime.

If you want a peaceful vacation, without much partying and traveling Brač also have peaceful side. Namely, on an island inhabited by the Roman times, there are a lots of stunning churches, monuments and uniqe architectural buildings. The most famous stone in the world – Brački kamen, has given this island a unique identity. Each of its stone houses is a monument to itself, so you can feel privileged to walk through history. When you are already on the island of Brač, be sure to go to one of the festivals that organize every place on the island. Some of the most famous are Fjera in Pucisca, Fjera in Bol, Vanka Regule or a wonderful pilgrimage on Vidova Gora, the highest island spot in Croatia.

Town Bol is the oldest place on island once known for its wine growing, fishing and sea fishing, is today a world tourist destination. You can enjoy the comfort of your vacation home in a peaceful environment, Mediterranean scents, Dalmatian gastronomy, numerous restaurants, taverns, crystal clear sea, sunshine, and a rich nightlife. You will not only want to visit Brač, you will want to stay there! Whether you are planning a family holiday, a romantic trip, or you want to go alone, you will not be bored at Brač anyway! Book a dream vacation with confidence! The only thing you'll regret is that you did not do it before. See you on the most famous beach in the world!