Usually wine and olive oil comes to mind when we think of excellent Istrian products, but beer lovers will find Buzet a great holiday destination too.

North part of Istrian peninsula is known for its small towns situated on the hilltops, while Mirna river flows among them towards the Adriatic Sea. In such scenery, in the middle of the fertile Mirna river valley, Buzet is located, a small Istrian town and the center of regional beer industry. The old town with its beautiful old buildings and stone streets is placed on the top of the hill, some 150 meters above the sea level, and the newer, modern part of the town called Fontana is located at the foot of the hill. This entire area is pretty diverse in geographical and climate sense: it has many hills, canyons, valleys and has a great altitude range which has resulted in different climate, from the mild Mediterranean one in the lower region to continental mountain climate in the upper parts.

Although the rest of Istria is primarily engaged in olive oil and wine making, Buzet boasts with Istrian Brewery, the largest and most famous Istrian beer company. The production of beer spans over more than four decades and the brewery uses traditional brewing methods in a highly controlled environment of modern factories of the 21st century. There are several beer brands and Favorit is the most famous and most popular one. This makes Buzet and the north part of Istria an excellent location for all the beer lovers that decide to come to Istria for a holiday. From there the rest of the region is easily explored while the refreshment of excellent Istrian beer is always within reach.

Besides the beer, Buzet is also associated with a particular culinary delicacy which earned it the title of the truffle town as the place and the surrounding area are famous truffle zone where this precious mushroom is abundant. There are several shops and restaurants that offer wide range of products with truffles and delicious dishes so Buzet is a must-visit if you want to treat yourself with this exquisite delicacy. There are also guided truffle search tours organized for those who wish to partake in the search of the truffles and the main perk is that you get to keep those you find yourself.

Buzet and its surroundings are hence a very interesting destination for vacation in Istria. Croatia, although small, is a very interesting and diverse country which can also be seen in Istria – the peninsula is really not big when considered in global terms but its different features and diverse nature and culture make it impossible to see and try everything during just one stay there. Should you choose Buzet as your following destination for vacation, booking a holiday property will not be a problem as there are many villas with pools (Buzet is not near the sea coast so the pool is almost a mandatory feature here) and great apartments located in old stone houses and buildings. And although it is located in the central north part of Istria, less than an hour drive will get you to numerous beautiful beaches on the coast. Other interesting locations such as Motovun with its famous film festival are also near and easy to visit.

Beer, truffles, old medieval towns on the hilltops, lovely Mirna river with its picturesque valley, unspoilt nature… we could go on and on but we are sure that all the above is enough to seriously consider Buzet as your next holiday destination in Croatia.