Summer may be over but it is not too late to enjoy your Istria holiday in villas.

Early autumn -  a perfect time to enjoy a perfect villa in Istria. Autumn is for many the most beautiful time of the year on the Adriatic coast. The air is still warm enough to engage in outdoor activities, the sea is also still pleasant for swimming and the crowds are lessening which enables you to roam the streets of your favourite small town in Istria without getting stuck in the slowly moving mass of tourists.

When high season ends, the accommodation is also easier to find as the offer is wider and the prices are affordable. If you dream of waking up in the morning and the first thing your eyes would meet when you open the bedroom window is never-ending sea then stop dreaming and start accommodation search – there are many villas and apartments by the sea with great views that you can book in October and November that usually have special offers for the guests coming to Istria at this time of year. If staying at a waterfront property with sea view is not that important to you, there is plethora of luxury villas scattered along the Istrian peninsula in small picturesque villages that have a pool so you can enjoy your morning swim without having to go to a beach.

Rental properties in terms of villas in Istria come are diverse and equipped with everything you need for a perfect and relaxed holiday in Autumn. Heated pools and interiors ensure that colder nights or days will not make your stay less comfortable. Covered pool kitchens and barbecue can be used even if there is a rainy day and SAT TV and other media equipment that these villas have will provide another element of entertainment if you do not feel like roaming the streets of Pula or some other town but you wish to stay indoors and enjoy a quiet afternoon or evening with your party.

When it comes to what to see and do, yes, it may be less crowded in the autumn and some facilities may have closed their door but the region still offers many events and activities through which you can learn more about local tradition and places. Truffle Mushrooms Days are held through October and November, there is also a cactus&succulent exhibition, international choir competition, cycling marathon, numerous art exhibitions and many more so we are sure that if you visit Istria during the following couple of months, you will not be bored. Furthermore, all the major attractions such as Pula amphitheatre or Euphrasian basilica in Poreč are opened for visitors all year round so the culture and history lovers will also be able to enjoy themselves.

Summer holidays in autumn do not have to sound funny – you can enjoy swimming and sunbathing on almost private beaches as there aren't many people there anymore, pick a perfect rental for your stay, whether it is a luxury villa or a charming apartment, attend various events or engage in outdoor sports activities. Even in bigger towns the atmosphere is more relaxed and peaceful, although there is still plenty going on. And with mild Mediterranean autumn weather, having a holiday at this time of year can only be a winner.