If you have the intend discover what a proper Croatia Holiday looks like, here you may find guidelines that you really need to plan out your next vacation. Offering a variety of new experiences, special this time for nature travellers and history lovers, see what this little land has to offer

National parks – Croatia Holiday in a harmony with nature

Croatia’s biggest Jewels are without doubt her National parks and nature beauties that will swipe of her feet every nature lover that is planning to have his Croatia Holliday. National Park Brijuni is located near Istria, consisting of 14 island and islets, divided in to 2 bigger groups, little Brijuni and big Brijuni. This national park is known for his big number of different flora and fauna and as a place with rich history, long ago inhabited by people, what makes it a must-see place for tourists.

A bigger group of islands in the Dalmatian archipelago is the National park Kornati, known as a habitat for rare species in the sea ecosystem. The surface of the park is mainly cliffs and islands that are facing the open Adriatic Sea and a heaven for snorkelers and diving lovers. Green island, as they call the Mljet National Park, is rich with protected species of animals and plants. You can visit the small and big lake on the island of mljet, island of Saint Mary, where also you can find a monastery, and the roman palace, in a national Park that is very rich in monuments of history harmoniously connected with the nature.

Visiting the Waterfalls – the most magic and calming Croatia Holiday experience

As a next point of route you can visit the Krka waterfalls near Šibenik . Famous for his Waterfalls and a monastery on island in the middle of the lake, national Park Krka is a beautiful place to visit. On the Krka falls you can find the first Hydro Power Plant in Europe, built a few days after the Niagara Power Plant. The biggest Waterfalls in Croatia are the National Park Plitvice with waterfalls. Stunning flora and Fauna and a walk on the wooden bridges in the park will provide you a ultimate nature experience. If you are lucky, you may encounter the little wild inhabitants of the park that mostly hide from visitors.

The Mountins – a stunning view from the clouds

On the vast Dalmatian mountain Velebit you can find 2 national parks, Paklenica and North Velebit national park. A paradise for mountain climbers, adventurists and nature lovers. Full of endemic species of animals and plants this national park will offers a stunning view on the sunset of his highest peak the Vaganski vrh, over the Zadar Archipelago. One more mountaineering heaven can be found in Gorski kotar, the National park of Risnjak offering a nature and sport activities at its best.  Nature can be only a part of your Croatia Holiday.

Medieval and Antique Mediterranean Towns tell their tale

Beautiful Islands and their Inhabitants make the journey more special to individuals. Istria, Kvarner, Dalmatia and Dubrovnik have numerous city’s, islands, islets and old ruins that make a Croatia Holliday in Mediterranean style the best destination to visit. The Oldest city’s in Istria date from Roman times, especially in the continental part, as it was the route for merchants in that times. Kvarner Islands including Dalmatia and Dubrovnik were always plundered by Pirates, because of the strategic location in the Mediterranean. Big fortresses have protected the cities of Dalmatia and Dubrovnik, big renaissance churches and buildings stand until this day as beautiful as on the day they were built.

History built splendid sights in small villages, and vast sightseeing monuments that had the purpose to defend the inhabitants of the city, now they are admired by their beauty. Every part of the land is connected, the heaven of nature and national parks are all in close distance to islands, touristic sights, special offers, traditional festivals, gourmet programs for visitors are every year getting better, as the vast offer in concert and entertaining programs. You shouldn’t miss to experience your Croatia Holiday and visit his natural and historical beauties and turn them in to one of your best holiday memories.