If you are looking for new getaways from the stressful everyday life, consider Croatia as your next destination and find your holiday home.

Croatia is your ideal getaway from bad weather and busy everyday life. Thanks to many  airline companies that connect Croatia with various European cities with affordable flights, you can reach it from almost everywhere in Europe, the latest addition being Thomas Cook flights from United Kingdom to Split. So, if you decide to visit our beautiful country, the next step is to pick one of several attractive and interesting destinations and find right accommodation for your vacation. Since Croatia has a long tradition in tourism, accommodation offer is wide and features everything, from cheap hostels in city centers to exclusive villas for rent in secluded places so regardless which destination you choose, finding an ideal accommodation should not be a problem. There are many places for rent in Croatia and you will surely find one that suits your needs and meets your criteria for a perfect holiday.

When deciding what your final getaway destination should be, consider what  kind of vacation you would like to have – the one featuring bustling everyday life of old towns and cities in charming apartments or a peaceful stay away from the crowds in a villa or a house. Croatia, being a Mediterranean country, boasts with long indent coastline with more than a thousand islands and islets. Beautiful coves, secluded beaches and unspoiled nature are a real treat for all nature lovers who want to rest  and escape the stressful everyday life and they can be found from Istria and Kvarner to the southern part of Dalmatian coast. Many coves have a few houses for rent so it is not difficult to find accommodation in those secluded places. Rentals are various, from small apartments with balcony or terrace to exclusive and luxury villas that feature private pool and several bedrooms. If you wish to have this peaceful retreat, all you have to decide if you would like to have it on one of Croatian beautiful islands or somewhere along the Adriatic coast.

The other type of getaway is the one where you spend your time discovering the cities and towns in Croatia. Want to find out what city life means in Croatia and do it as a tourist? Choose one of Croatia top destinations such as Dubrovnik or Split and enjoy strolling along the old city streets, dining in numerous excellent restaurants or have a drink at some hip bar or a club and dance the night away. Croatian coastal towns all have a promenade that is a central part of a town with several bars and taverns located there so there is no better place than that to experience what it means to be a local and enjoy spectacular view of the sea and old centre architecture. When considering what to rent in Croatia's urban areas, be sure that you will not be disappointed with town offer as well. Apart from various hostels and hotels, rentals include chic apartments and exclusive villas that even feature their own garden, regardless their location within a town. Rental rates are also affordable and you may find yourself surprised with all the features (such as swimming pool) that you can get at a very popular price as even luxury holiday villas have special offers with great prices.

Whichever type of travel is right for you, one thing is sure, your holiday in Croatia is going to be a memorable experience that will bring a smile to your face whenever you think about it. So choose your destination in Croatia and prepare to have a great vacation!