Croatia villas are looking more modern and more intriguing. Reason enough to visit? If you are still trying to decide, take a look at some of our arguments below. Get immersed into the beauty of turquoise waters of Adriatic sea.

Croatia villas – unordinary feeling of an ordinary vacation

Waking up in one of the villas in Croatia can be the best thing ever. One of the questions our clients tend to ask is the one concerning the coffee machine type. Once answered, the deal is sealed. Villa with modern equipment, nice looking terraces, floor-ceiling glass windows, breath-taking, airy and spacy interior can be booked for family and friends. Not to mention, that most of the villas offer an inviting pool for an easy dive-in.

Croatia villas – what can you visit; where should you go

If you have not heard about Croatia until now, get the list of celebrities visiting every year. Even famous couples like Jayz and Beyonce could not resist the hidden and undiscovered, magical places on our islands. Set your sights high and find yourself either in a modern or newly refurbished, rustic villa on an island. If you prefer leisurely pace take your time to take in the surroundings. On the other side, if you are very eager to discover new places quickly, choose one of the adventure tours offered.

Croatia villas – looking for a perfect photo for Instragram

Have you already checked tag Croatia on Instagram and the amazing beauty sized in a photo? You can have that photo, no matter the part of Croatia you stay in. Istria has its many perks in one place. It boasts the sea, beaches, inland with its rurality, family tavernas with most delicious food and wine. Dalmatia is well known for its rich history. It has been 2000 years since Romans ruled those places and the monuments and the streets are still there. You can visit museums to get bigger picture of all the things that happened through the history. You can also visit churches, specially preserved over the centuries, hiding works of art by local artists in every corner. Get your share of history, while staying at modern villa totally adapted for 21st century. You can find your tranquil spot in a bustling city.

Croatia villas – mesmerising national parks

With a little bit of traveling – wanderlust in you, you can get to see Croatian National parks. Plitvice Lakes is one of the most well - known. Yet, staying on an island in Zadar archipelago might make you curious to find out more about Kornati islands, which is another national park. If you choose one of Croatia villas in relaxing countryside, you might want to visit Paklenica, on a hill Velebit. It is especially interesting for hikers. Then again, the are Croatia villas to be found near city of Sibenik, and you might be swept away by the captivating beauty of its surroundings. National park Krka Waterfalls even have traditional water mills, showing how the locals really lived in balance with nature and made a living in a true symbiosis with it.

Do not say that ship has sailed, go, visit Croatia.