Book some of luxury Brac villas that will make your holiday a fairytale!

You don't believe in fairy tales and you are a quite realistic type of person that is hard to impress? Fast life, food and stress destroyed dreamer and romantic in you? There is one place that can restore your faith in a lost idyllic world. It is the island of Brac, beautiful Dalmatian island located near the historic capital of  Dalmatia - Split. Brac is one of the most diverse islands of the Adriatic coast where you can in the same day climb to the highest island peak in Croatia -Vidova Gora, visit the real desert - desert Blaca, take a swim in one of the most beautiful beaches in the world - Zlatni rat, drink some of the best wines, taste virgin olive oil, cheese or lamb. When in such a natural and gastronomic environment find luxury accommodations, you have a proven recipe for a dream vacation.

Luxury villas on the island of Brac are a unique environment wher you can enjoy every moment of your vacation. The architecture of the villas is varied, but all are characterized by some special Dalmatian charm. You can choose from newly built modern villa to renovated old stone beauty that despite the renewal retained their unique look. Each of them is equipped with all necessary amenities that will provide you more comfort and fulfill all your needs. The villas have private pools, outdoor and indoor, large terrace, air-conditioned rooms overlooking the sea. Villas are situated in different Mediterranean environment and parts of Brač, some are close to the sea, some are in the middle of green oasis in the interior of the island, so you will surely find one that suits your needs. You can rent a villa of your dreams only for you, but they are more for a family and group vacations where each person will have enough space and privacy.

Brac island is the perfect starting point for exploring the Adriatic coast, because after a short sail you can be found in one of the neighboring islands and major cities on the mainland. The selection of activities and facilities that you can fill your holidays with is varied. Brac is ideal for active tourism. You can walk, run, ride a bike, quad, boat, sail, engage in extreme sports or dive into the blue depths. Fishing and agriculture are the main branches on island so you can try  to learn how to handle one of the most famous stone in the world, bevause from Brac stone are built the White House in Washington, the Houses of Parliament in Vienna, Diocletian's Palace in Split and others. Adventurers can visit Manufaktur of soaps based on virgin olive oil or stonemasonry school.

Brac is full of historical sites, from old churches, stone houses and a museum in which are preserved various monuments and historical findings. Brac's beaches are famous all around the world, and most of them are hidden in the picturesque coves. In Brac you will enjoy true culinary delights. During summer every place on island has its own festival, known as fjera. We're sure you've never been on a party were all the inhabitants of the island are invited. Therefore, book one of the luxury villas on the island and enjoy a royal vacation. See you on the island Brač - the island of the sea, stone and sun.