This romantic destination with the taste of salt can be the crown of your trip! Luxury villas and miles of sandy beaches are waiting for you in Nin!

Vacation on the Adriatic coast has a special charm. It will tell anyone who has at least once been there, especially if they visited Nin. It is a unique destination, magical, romantic, quiet, yet full of life and events. Luxury accommodation that awaits you there is only the crown of your trip. The modern and comfortably furnished houses, with terraces, private pools, beautiful surroundings and a view of the sea will be the best accommodation you ever had. It will be one of those travels that you can show yourself by showing pictures of your luxury accommodation to your friends.

Croatia is not just a beutiful country. It is a country with glory past and culture. Special place in that history belongs to this little town.  Nin is the oldest Croatian royal town and one of the oldest cities on the Mediterranean. In support of his fame is the fact that one of asteroids named after Aenona how the town of Nin was called in the past. When you find yourself in Nin, you will feel like walking through history. The whole city is one big archaeological location, and when you go to Nin charge the batteries of your mobile phones and make sure you have enough memory to film all this beauty. Nin is located only 14 km from Zadar, in a shallow lagoon surrounded by sandy beaches, while the core of town is located on a small island connected with the mainland by two bridges. 

This 3000 years old town is a real historical gem full of sights, but other than external beauty, Nin and surroundings have a lot to offer to their visitors. This is sun rich area, and the swimming season lasts for a long time from May to September. You can swim at several locations, but the most famous beach is the Queen's Beach, a large natural sandy beach with miles of shallow water where you will enjoy, but your kids will enjoy even more. Coast of Nin are also favorite destination for kite and wind surfers throughout the whole year. Nin's beaches are known for their therapeutic effect because of the natural medicinally mud that can relieve many ailments. After the perfect day on the beach ended and summer heat goes down, walk to the city and explore it. Near the entrance to the town there is the church of St. Nicholas from the 11th century. In that little curch were crowned Croatian medieval kings, while in the Nin is the church of St. Cross, popularly known as the smallest cathedral in the world in front of which is a statue of Gregory of Nin, a masterpiece of the famous Croatian sculptor Ivana Mestrovic. 

In the center of town you can walk through an important archaeological site, in particular through the remains of a Roman temple from the first century or visit the Museum of Nin Antiquities and Museum or sea salt. Speaking of salt, you can visit Nin salt pans and learn all about the origin of salt. After a city tour and dinner in one of the great Nin's restaurants and taverns, you will be happy to go back in your dream villa to sit on a spacious terrace and have a romantic sunset or starry sky. With a glass of excellent Dalmatian wine you can make a plan what  to do and see tomorrow because Nin is a perfect starting location for research rest of Dalmatia. By daily trips you can visit Zadar region, islands, Sibenik, Krka or Paklenica. And recommendation for the end - when you go to Nin plan a longer stay and sooner return because Nin is difficult to leave!