Seline - place in Zadar region where the sea hugs the mountains! Discover the magic of active tourism!

Imagine breakfast on the terrace overlooking the sea. Actually, don't imagine! Book Villa in Seline and enjoy it! After you've finished your breakfast with a perfect view put your favorite shoes on and discover the beauty of one of the most famous Croatian mountains – Paklenica! It's just behind your back! Yes, you understand well! Villa Seline is located in a perfect location from which you can enjoy swimming in the sea and hiking at the same time. Through the window of your holiday house you will be awakened by the sounds of nature and at this place you will forget about all the bad sides of the stressful and the accelerated life that we all live. Booking the homes and apartments in Seline, a quiet area without the industry, you are booking a real holiday vacation. It's the perfect getaway where you can enjoy in the cristal clear see or ride a bicycle or climb up the mountain. What do you need to know about this unique place?

Seline is a small place at the entrance to the National Park Paklenica, more precisely at the entrance to Mali Paklenica, while the nearby town of Starigrad-Paklenica is located at the entrance to Velika Paklenica. Seline and Starigrad connect promenades and pedestrian-cycling trails that pass through picturesque villages in the mountains. Seline has kept its simplicity and in such a setting you can really relax. Is there a healthier combination of mountain and sea air? The beautiful pebble beach and the beautiful Paklenica mountain round off the place, located near another famous Croatian national park - Plitvice lakes. In addition to the beautiful sandy and pebble beaches, Croatia has green landscapes, mountains and rugged river canyons created for admiration, as well as for various activities. You can climb, walk, ride a bicycle or sail into the kayak and discover the beauty of the Croatian vivid nature.

Soline is therefore an ideal place for an active vacation where you will experience Croatia in the spirit of exciting adventures. You can enjoy Paklenica for days! This National Park is part of the largest Croatian mountain Velebit and is listed on UNESCO's world network of biosphere reserves. There you can spend a day strolling through the canyon of Velika Paklenica to the mountain hut, visit Manita's cave and walk through the Male Paklenica canyon. For experienced mountaineers, we recommend several peaks that can be visited in one day or one night in the mountain hut like Vaganski vrh, Crni vrh, Sveti brdo. For mountain climbers and free climbers, Paklenica is best place ever. For example, Anića kuk - the most famous monolithic rock in Croatia offers up to 350m long sport-equipped routes. If you want a daily break from swimming and hiking, entertainment can be found in the nearby Zadar.

Zadar is a city full of content and historical beauty. You can also visit some of the islands in Zadar area like Dugi Otok, Ugljan, Pašman, Iža, but also the historical center in little town Nin. No matter what side you go, you will not make a mistake. Beauty is everywhere! We are sure this will be the vacation you will talk about for years! And we're sure we'll see again! Book and enjoy your vacation!