Finding out why Rovinj is such a special town will be one of the most fun ways to spend your holiday. 

Arriving at Rovinj, by land or by sea will be one of a kind experience as this town truly stands out. The town which center was once an island, connected in the 18th Century with land, is a wonderful historical and cultural site. …  It will overwhelm you easily, in the best way possible.

But one of the main things this refined Istrian town and its surrounding area has to offer are superb luxury villas that will leave you speechless. Various villas in all shapes and sizes are made for total relaxation and enjoyment for a vacation spent in opulence. A perfect way to forget your everyday life and wish you never have to come back to reality. But lest focus on what is important, accommodation and its grandeur.

Modern luxury villas of Rovinj will have you in awe as they are quite modern in architecture and interior design, all you wish for in a contemporary vacation villa. Kitchens are modern with all the appliances you can wish for, and vacation is a perfect time for you to try out your culinary abilities as you have time and peace in abundance. If you are not into cooking so much, you can always throw something on the grill, as they say. But make sure whatever it is you make room for some of the local specialties and fish because Istria is rich with flavors and great food. Cozy and relaxing living rooms will remind you of home and invite you for a lazy afternoon nap or a movie night in front of a big tv screen. To each its own, so if you don’t want to spend your time on vacation relaxing that way there is always another. A pool could also be a great way to relax, either swimming in it and charging your batteries or just laying on a lounger marveling the nature around you. Even though there is a good possibility you will be near the sea everywhere in Rovinj, enjoying a heated pool is what makes a vacation so decadent, isn’t it?

Luxury villa equals luxury bedrooms so be sure you will sleep as you have never before in your life. Plus, the fact you are spending a vacation in, or near one of Croatia’s most beautiful towns will most surely make your dreams even sweeter. Spacious rooms, as well as the big windows, will make sure your morning is filled with sunshine and fresh air.

Every little thing counts when on a holiday, and your surroundings are also important. Peace and seclusion are sometimes essential for a good rest and be sure that luxury villa rentals of Rovinj have all that. You will be invigorated by spending your time here, pampered by the luxury and made happy by all that surrounds you. The area also has wonderful beaches for you to explore, lots of Summer activities to experience and anything you can think of, Rovinj will provide. And also, great accommodation in a great town, what more do you have to wish for.