Charming Kvarner and its riviera will make you want to stay here forever in a place where the sun is constant, and villas are filled with luxury. 

There is something quite charming about Kvarner, and there always was. The bay of Kvarner is place close to everything but also stands on its own in a secluded kind of a way. Its islands are one of the biggest in Croatia and the view is magnificent everywhere you look. Don't believe us? Visit Kvarner, rent accommodation in a luxury villa and see for yourself how wonderful your vacation can be.

Kvarner is special in a way and when we say that we mean that it has it all, like all the other parts of Croatia, but also has a special kind of a vibe which you must experience for yourself. Kvarner has islands, well-kept coast, and clean deep blue sea but it also has hills from which the sight is breathtaking and mesmerizing. Kvarner's attractions will leave you returning to this magical part over and over again and lets us mention just a few things that it is known for, except its wonderful luxury villas and holiday homes.

The Island of Krk is located on the very coast of Kvarner bay and it's connected to the mainland with a 1430m long bridge which is one of the longest concrete bridges in the world. Krk is also the largest island in Croatia and we can truly say that the whole island is a wonderful sight to be seen. Also known in ancient times as the Golden Island, Krk is believed to be symbolically tied to number seven throughout history. An interesting fact that makes this island even more appealing to visit and rent a beautiful luxurious villa.

The island of Cres is the second longest island in Croatia and a great place to visit as it is known for its unspoiled nature and numerous kinds of plants that grow here. One of the main things Cres is known for is Vrana lake, a name that one lake also has in Croatia, but this one is a natural phenomenon. Vrana lake is a regular kind of a freshwater lake but the thing that makes is one of a kind in this area is the fact that it is located on an island surrounded by the sea.

Many remains of old castles and ancient towns are scattered around Cres as well as the picturesque towns and villages. Great choices for modern luxurious accommodations wait for you on this island as well as the history and the secrets of old that it keeps.

Nature park Učka is a great site to visit if you are in a mood for something that will most definitely be an adventure and where you will make memories that will last you a lifetime.

It is said that this nature park is a monument to the connection of a man with nature and that says much. Croatia has several nature parks, and each is protected for its beauty and uniqueness. Učka is not different in this as it is a splendid place for you to go hiking or exploring. Vegetation and wildlife are extraordinary here and if you make it to the top, and we recommend that you most definitely do, a view from above will stay with you forever.