Explore all the Zadar county has to offer, find a perfect villa and in it find your long-desired peace. 

If looking for a perfect holiday spot, make Zadar county your destination as its perfect position and excellent accessibility will surely make it worth your while. Zadar county is full of surprises as there are small towns and villages you would never suspect for them to have the most luxurious villas and holiday homes. Luxury villas of the county are such a various collection of houses that you be positively overwhelmed for sure. The offer goes from classically elegant to modern and minimalist to renovated old stone villas. All equipped with all the modern appliances and amenities and surrounded by the most beautiful gardens with indigenous plants and trees.

We might as well be repeating ourselves one more time, but it does not make this fact less true – Croatia has it all, and Zadar county is also such. Zadar is one of the biggest towns in Dalmatia is known for its unique monuments, and its excellent position makes it a wonderful holiday location. Uniqueness in historical and modern monuments together with the planed fast development of the town makes a special kind of energy that surrounds the town and the area. How can we describe a busy kind of life but also a tranquil and easy-going one? We cannot. This region will surely be recommended to you by everyone who has ever been here. All that is left is for you to explore Zadar and the county yourself.

Zadar county counts some 229 towns, villages, and hamlets so you can imagine the variations of villas in the area. Each of these places is very diverse in a unique kind of way. Every smallest hamlet has something special and what is most important each of them is the most perfect location for the ultimate holiday house. Luxury villas each have their specialty that distinguishes one from another. They are different by their location or nearness to the seashore. But the main thing that makes them similar is that in every one of them you can have the most peaceful luxury vacation ever.

To find true peace for yourself will surely not be such a difficulty while surrounded by luxury and wonderful scenery. All we can say is that in these days of busy and stressful daily life a bit of peace is just the thing you need. Allow us to paint this picture for you so you can imagine it a bit easier. Imagine travelling just a few short kilometres from a big town to a secluded villa situated on a large estate surrounded by a wall and olive trees. A wonderfully furnished villa with a bit of a rustic village charm has a heated pool and, its own garden from which you can enjoy picking vegetables. The occasional fruit tree scattered here and there offers you whatever fruit you want. All local and all organic. And all that can be heard in the morning is the song of the birds or some lost seagull. This villa can be even situated so near the beach that you will not need to bring anything for swimming, but a towel thrown over your shoulder.

Now that you understand what this is all about, we hope to see you soon. There will not be a need for you to meditate or take a few minutes for yourself. Nature and the seclusion of your accommodation will do that for you.