Among charming places in Istria, Funtana is a great destination to enjoy beautiful Adriatic coast in a villa or apartment.

Istria is full of charming little towns and villages, so it can be a bit hard to decide which one to choose for a holiday. Villages are usually located in the inner part of the peninsula but there are some places that are located directly on the coast, such as Funtana, a village right next to the town of Vrsar and a few kilometers from Poreč. Funtana is famous for its lovely coves and beaches and dozen of islets in front of the coast that make beautiful scenery and it is one of the most popular small tourist resorts. Its friendly people make everyone feel welcome so the popularity comes as no surprise. The location of the village is excellent as it is ideal for a quiet and relaxing holidays, yet it is close to bigger towns such as Rovinj and Poreč.

The village developed on a small hill above the coast where a castle and parish church were erected and local people built their houses on the hill slopes. The importance of Funtana was due to its fresh water springs, two of which (Šterna and Perila) are located near the sea. In the past when the source of fresh water wasn't just a few steps away in every home, these springs had a vital role not just for the Funtana people but other places from this region.  With no rivers or streams in this part of Istria, this place was a meeting point for people from other villages – women came there to do the laundry and collect water for their homes. The importance is shown in the name of the village, as Funtana comes from the Latin word fons which means spring. Today this area is a lovely part in Funtana with paths and benches and children playground which makes it a favourite relaxing spot for both locals and tourists.

Fishery was always an important part of the lives of people in Funtana and the village was famous for its fishermen and their fishing boats. Today there are still people engaged in fishing industry but over the years it has slowly gave way to tourism which is the main force in the development of Funtana. A former fishing harbour is now a beautiful modern marina with sailing boats, yacht and speedboats set between two camping sites.

The maritime character of Funtana is not the only thing that has changed in recent decades. Local people have gradually switched from farming and agriculture to tourism. Old stone houses that belonged to hard working local people are being turned into a luxury villa or very nice apartments so the accommodation offer in Funtana is constantly growing and has turned it into one of the most popular destinations in Istria for a peaceful family vacation, earning it a title of the most significant among small tourist resorts on the Adriatic.

The charm of Funtana lays in its lovely streets, restaurants, taverns and cafes, beautiful nature with coves, beaches, islets and pine forests and above all, nice and friendly locals – the combination of all the above guarantees that you will have good vacation in Funtana and come back often to enjoy the loveliness and tranquility of this wonderful place.