If you want a fantastic vacation, book your Pula holiday and let it entertain you!

If you are looking for holiday deals in Istria, do take Pula into consideration – the biggest city in Istria has a bit of everything to offer to its visitors, it is well connected with numerous destinations in Europe through many flights of various airlines and low-cost carriers, has an excellent accommodation offer from small charming apartments to luxury villas on the town outskirts, and once you're there, there are plenty of things to do and see whether you are coming with a party of friends or with your family. We have covered some of attractions in Pula regarding the cultural heritage such as the amphitheatre and other monuments, but we have mostly mentioned its historical and artistic context and there is more to it than just seeing them as ancient architecture landmarks.

Pula attracts many visitors not just because of the standard tourist offer, but because it also hosts some of the hottest concert events in Croatia, at Arena. Due to its popularity as a concert venue, this Roman amphitheatre puts Pula on a map of popular destinations for entertainment and summer holidays. This summer Sting is coming to Pula, a renowned artist who started as a singer of the band Police and then built a successful solo career, is playing at Arena. Locals are not the only ones who rushed to buy their tickets for the show. Many people from around Europe are also attending the event, adding to the growing number of tourists at Istrian peninsula and even if they are only having their city breaks in Pula, holidays that may be short but also unforgettable, their days spent here will surely be a great part of their summer holidays.

Concerts at Arena are not the only music events of importance: Seasplash festival, held at Punta Christo near Pula, is one of the oldest music festivals in Croatia and it offers its visitors an opportunity to enjoy four days of music on seven stages, day time activities at the beach, camping, culture and sports events, workshops and many more. Its relaxed atmosphere and rich programme provide an excellent chance to spice up your travel with great music and entertainment.

Pula Film Festival is another event of great importance held at Arena. It is a great chance to learn more about the latest Croatian film-making, and see not only the Croatian films, but foreign ones as well ( there is international programme with several film categories). The grand prix is awarded in various categories, and the winner is presented with a golden arena statue. Therefore, if you happen to spend your Pula holidays in July during the festival, visit this event and enjoy the art of film-making under the stars and seated amidst the ancient Roman building.

When we take everything into consideration, Pula truly is one of the best destinations for summer holidays as it offers a bit of everything: history and culture? Check! Great beaches with crystal clean sea? Check! Music and film festivals and events for the most entertaining holiday? Check, as well! If you haven't been to this beautiful Istrian city yet then put it on your to-visit list, we guarantee you won't regret it!