If you are planning on spending your holiday in Istria, here's information on how to reach it and start enjoying the villa you have booked.You have worked hard and now you would like to take a well-deserved break. Istria, that beautiful Mediterranean peninsula, is your choice and you found your perfect villa for rent, whether it is in countryside or on the coast of Istria. You searched among many beautiful holiday rentals and now you would like to get there without unnecessary hassle.

Thanks to its good geographical location, Istria can easily be reached by plane, car or boat and here are samo more detailed explanations of each way:
By plane – Istrian peninsula has one major airport, the one in Pula. Though it is not very large it still connected with many destinations across Europe as numerous airlines and low-cost companies fly to Pula. Many of them often have great offers with discounts so coming to Istria by plane is really an affordable option and the fastest one. By plane you'll get there in no time and you can easily reach your booked villa from the airport by renting a car or by using taxi service. There are many great places in Istria and whether you found our holiday home in some village central Istria or in some of the historic towns scattered over the peninsula, the farthest point is just an hour drive away from Pula so it won't be hard to reach it. Pula airport is also connected with other cities in Croatia, capital Zagreb and Dalmatian Zadar so if there is not a direct flight from your home place to Istria, there is always an option of combining flights.

By road – Istria's road network is in good condition and connects even the most remote villages. The main motorway is so-called Istrian Y (because of its shape that resembles that letter) and it connects Pula with north and east part of peninsula making it easy to reach any part of Istria, and all within a reasonable amount of time. If you are coming during high season, the shortest route may not always be the fastest one due to heavy traffic that can occur during that period of year so it is good to seek information about alternative routes that may be a bit longer but also with much less traffic which is a big plus during hot summer weather. The alternative to driving a car is taking a bus which is also a good transportation option if you chose one of villas in Rovinj or Umag, but bear in mind that many luxury villas and other types of accommodation can be located in a remote place that is still best accessible by car as the nearest bus station can sometimes be a few kilometers away. While bus lines are also very good and connect many places several times each day, take into consideration the location of your Istrian villa.

By boat – if you plan on coming to Istria by boat from some other part of Croatia we will have to advise you against it as unfortunately, boat lines from Dalmatia to Istria, or from Kvarner are almost nonexistent. Still, if you are coming from Italy then the situation is much better – ferries and catamarans connect Venice and several other Italian coastal towns with Pula, Poreč, Rovinj (west coast of Istria) and Rabac (east coast of Istria). Majority of the lines is available from early spring to late autumn and are really a comfortable way of reaching Istria from Italy.

In the end, the most important thing when travelling is to plan your trip and make it less stressful so that you could start your vacation in a good mood and enjoy your perfect villa, explore Istria and discover its beautiful beaches, towns and countryside. And get that well-deserved break.