Luxury villas with their carefully decorated interiors, and meticulously maintained gardens, will make you wish you could live in Poreč forever. 

That Poreč is one extraordinary city is a known fact. Poreč is a town filled with history, magnificent churches, and monuments dating all the way to the Roman empire. With its unique shape and surrounded by crystal blue sea it’s an unavoidable destination. Poreč is known for its unsurpassed hospitality and a great gastronomic offer.  Situated on the west coast of the Istrian peninsula it is an amazing location with a never-ending view of the open Adriatic Sea.

But now let’s discover some the also glorious things about Poreč, and what it has in store for you. A holiday wouldn’t be a holiday if you didn’t spend it in the luxury you deserve. And Poreč will not disappoint even in that.

Luxury villas in Poreč will engulf you in their luxury but also in the comfort of a relaxing atmosphere. Villas are spacious and can accommodate whole families of a group of friends. But even if you are in pairs or on your own why not treat yourself with a great big property just for you. If you are beginning to imagine a light Mediterranean breeze caressing you while you sunbathe by the pool, we will incite your imagination even more by listing things that will definitely draw you to visit Croatia and Poreč. In luxury villas in Poreč you will  have the most invigorating night sleep in modern bedrooms with magnificent views. Waking up to the wind rustling in the trees and enjoying the sense of utmost peace will have you feel addicted to Poreč soon enough.

Modern luxuries and all wonders will be all around you so on a chilly summer evening you can warm yourself up in a sauna or a hot tub of your villa. Some villas have such an amazing position that you will be just few short meters from the sea, so you can take a leisurely walk or a nice swim in a turquoise clear sea. You can take a walk to the beach just a couple steps away from your luxury villa. Indeed, a perfect spot for you to have a holiday like no other.

But villas in Poreč offer you a bit of separation from your neighbors to relax in perfect peace, but also offer you options for renting a villa in the center of the town. And what a wonderful opportunity that is. To witness and experience all the history and glory of the old town. To see and sense everything Poreč offers firsthand is an option you mustn’t bypass. You can experience all of Poreč in every season as these villas are not only available for summer holidays and enable you to have a wonderful vacation all year around. As sometimes the best way to fill your batteries and have a great time is to do it away from the hustle and bustle.

With all the modern amenities you will ever need this rustic style or contemporary villas will make you want you weren’t a guest here but become a resident. And in that Poreč will welcome you with open arms.