Magical Istria is full of wonders and sights to see, and you will truly enjoy your holiday to the fullest as nowhere before. 

Choosing a great place to spend your vacation is always an adventure on its own, and Istra has a lot of things to offer to those who wish to have an eventful day. To spend a vacation in one of the luxury villas Istria has in abundance it’s a treat on its own, but as the peninsula has a lot to show you, make sure to spend a small part of your time exploring extraordinary landscapes and sights. Find yourself a perfect accommodation in a perfect villa and just relax.

On every step in Croatia you will find some interesting information but let us just remark on some of the basics of this beautiful peninsula. On a 2820 km2 of the area lives some over 200,000 people, and as Istria is a wonderful place to live in with beautiful valleys and hills, and three rivers that intersect the area.

All around you, every destination you visit is full of natural beauties to explore. So, do that!

Istria has one of the most beautiful and curious places and natural landscapes in Croatia, and we will name only a few, so you can get a feeling of the magic of the place.

One of the most prominent national parks in Croatia, and we would dare say in the World altogether. National park Brijuni is a collection of 14 islands that makes a great destination to experience the untouched nature, the cleanest sea, and authentic Mediterranean vegetation and wildlife. Charming and breath-taking Brijuni is a short boat ride from Fažana, and it’s a trip you will not be sorry you took and enjoyed nature in its full glory.

Baredine cave near Poreč will overwhelm you with its stalagmites and stalactites formations which were made over numerous years. A cave is indeed a true wonder of nature, as the underground area ids filled with unique sculptures. Some of them could remind you of something simple and usual but some of them are left for your own imagination to interpret. If looking for peace and a tranquil place to reconnect with nature and yourself some short few kilometers from your luxurious accommodation in a villa, look no further than these glorious caves.

Some short distance away from the beautiful old town of Rovinj there is Lim Bay nature’s wonder in its purest form. A bay made out of natural river erosion is a beautiful sight also filled with an abundance of sea life and also seashells all of which can be enjoyed in local restaurants nearby. Brackish water is genuinely perfect for the flourishing of marine species. Go and visit, enjoy nature as well as the history of the place and keep with you a lifetime of memories.

To say Hum is a small town would be an understatement because this town is widely known for its unique way of life. Often called the smallest town in the world and it is confirmed by the Guinness book of records, it is only a small village with some 30 residents. Located in central Istria near Buzet, it has everything a small historical town should have. A few small streets and a few old churches and friendly people with big hearts. As the legend says Hum was built by the giants with the leftover stones while building big Istrian cities. A place worth your while to see when you at the end of the day decide to take a little break from your luxury accommodation in a villa nearby. Often called The Gate of the world, this small town is worth your visit as it is one of a kind place in the World.

There are a lot of places and landscapes in Istria, as they are magical, beautiful and untouched, and their transcendental beauty is simply inviting you to see, experience and feel.