Small town of Jelsa on the island of Hvar is a perfect getaway for a peaceful holiday in villa or apartment.

Hvar island is known for its beauty and many sunny hours that earned it the title of the sunniest Croatian island. The first thought that comes to mind when mentioning Hvar today is that it has become one of the most famous Croatian party destinations. While that certainly is true and nothing's wrong with that, Hvar is not just a place to go if you want to experience great vibes during hot summer nights. Apart from Hvar town, there are several others towns and places on the island that offer a different kind of holiday experience: the one that means having a relaxing holiday away from the crowds, exploring the island nature and heritage and feeling the atmosphere of the Mediterranean as it once was.

One of such charming places is Jelsa located in a small bay on the north side of the island, next to another lovely town, Vrboska, at the east end of Stari Grad field. There are also several villages in the inland and together with these towns they make quite a lively part of the island. And not just that, here you can really learn what it means living on an island, feel the Mediterranean and taste the best local dishes and wines.

Jelsa also lies on the foothills of the two highest peaks of Hvar island: St. Nicholas on the east and Hum on the west. It almost feels as a nest built from stone streets and houses, gently placed in the small bay. The tranquility of the place and its naturally protected position made this area very attractive for living even in the ancient times and there are several sites that have remains from the Illyrian period. There are also remains of many villae rusticae as Jelsa is located in the east end of Pharos ager (fertile Hvar plain used for agricultural works that was divided among the inhabitants in the period of ancient Greek colonization of the island and it has been in use till this day).

Jelsa itself is one of the places where tourism started on the island of Hvar as the oldest hotel in this town was opened in 1911. With tradition in tourism that now spans over more than a century, it is no wonder that there are many apartments, rooms and beautiful villas available for rent, and many of them are waterfront properties or are located in smaller coves and bays near the town.

Natural beauty of the island of Hvar is abundant, and from Jelsa to the east part of the island and the town of Sućuraj, there are numerous coves and beaches adorned with pine trees and olive groves so one must not miss renting a boat and exploring the magical north-east coast of the island. With bigger boat it is also easy to make a trip to Brač island and pay a visit to famous Zlatni rat beach in Bol town.

Jelsa is hence a wonderful place to stay in on the Hvar island as it is a quiet and peaceful town that nevertheless has many bars, restaurants and taverns where tasty local dishes and quality wines can be enjoyed. Hvar town is close enough to reach with a short car ride if more entertainment is needed. After that, returning to the relaxed and calm Jelsa from noisy and fun island centre is priceless experience.