If you dreamed of a beachfront villa in a peaceful environment near clear blue sea, Apartments villa in  Tribunj is just the right accommodation for you. 

Along all of the Dalmatian coast there are number of small towns with it's colourful houses, narrow streets, clothes drying between neighbours and walls made out of stone, but none of them will compare to the sights of Tribunj. The town of Tribunj is situated on a peninsula connected to land by an old stone bridge, just a few kilometres away from Vodice.

Picturesque and unparalleled, Tribunj is located in central Dalmatia with a number of localities that you must visit in your lifetime. One of them is National Park Kornati, an archipelago containing 89 islands, islets and rocks in the sea and in all of it's magnificence is an unsurpassed monument to nature. From which ever perspective you deicide to visit the national park, either by boat or by plane, rest assured that  the vistas will leave you irreversibly changed forever.

Booking a villa in Tribunj, especially a beachfront apartments villa will leave you wishing for more; more of the peace, more crystal blue sea and twinkling sky, more of the activities. And all of your wishes will come true here. There are numerous advantages of staying in a villa located in front of the beach. You would have magnificent view and an quite a few opportunities that you wouldn't have some place else, such as leisurely walking just a few short meters to have a swim or relaxing with a morning cup of coffee in some of the cafes near by listening to the song of seagulls.  Let's not forget a romantic walk under the stars with your loved one hand in hand by the seashore in front of the villa itself; well it's almost like you can have your own private beach. 

Renting a bike near your villa and taking a drive around Tribunj will soon have you leave the area wanting to explore back country Olive Paths, various vineyards and olive plantations most of which are encircled by stone drywalls, traditional Dalmatian farmer's way to divide each others properties. For more adventurous ones there are mountain trails ideal for hiking, cycling or simply taking long cleansing walks.

Whole area of Tribunj has crystal clear and clean sea with it's colours changing according to the weather but Tribunj also has a marina located in the town's natural bay which has the Blue Flag, awarded for high standards in environment protection, as an evidence of the clarity and limpidity of the sea.

Except having great apartment villas for rent with exceptional views, Tribunj also has great offer of cultural and entertainment events, especially during the summer. With largely catholic population rest assured that you will witness at least one religious event  like the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in August or concert of traditional a cappella singers called “klapa”, poetry nights, summer cinema or number of plays and shows, and various sports events such as fishing cup. But in all this, one of the things Tribunj is best known for are annual Donkey races. Yes, it's race with donkeys and seeing one of them is a great fun let alone participating. Held for over 50 years the race is one of the thing people were doing to amuse themselves in the history and even now, because let's face it, a donkey is not the most cooperative and obedient animal, and that is one of the things that makes it so hilarious.