With market blooming in luxury villas, Croatia is now more than ever one of the most desired top touristic destination for dream vacation - rent a … villas, cars, bikes, private chef or beach front property with pool!

Beautiful coastline with crystal clear sea offers unforgettable holiday for guests that want to enjoy rich Croatian history, culture and Mediterranean nature. Discover Istria, Dalmatia or one of many islands and rent a beautiful villa just for yourself and loved ones. Best time to visit Croatia is summer when touristic offer is at its peak and you can indulge yourself with well-deserved holiday.

Luxury villas in Croatia are designed to provide you a pleasure of visiting this amazing country and treat yourself with unforgettable vacation. Villas with pools decorated with lavish and upscale furniture in sunny and charming parts of the alluring Adriatic coast will leave you breathless and let you relax and enjoy precious moments with your family and friends.

We have a pleasure to offer you up-scale residential villas in popular holiday destinations made for luxury holiday that you wish for all year. Rent a villas is an oportunity for ulitamte relaxation and enjoying your vacation on another level.

Whilst preparing for vacation can be sometimes challenging, especially when there is so many options, like there is nowadays in Croatia more than ever. When you type in Google “rent a villas” many properties will appear in your search and it might be hard to make a decision. However, good research will pay off and you can organize a vacation in one of luxury villas with pool that will meet your expectations.

No matter what region you choose – Istria or Dalmatia, coast or inland – we offer selection of villas with pool that can be a perfect match for your dream vacation. There are small secluded villas that offer privacy and peace for people that need ultimate relaxation like villa Parma near Šibenik. On the other hand, there are large resort-like properties like Estate Stanic where you can spend your holiday with couple of families – great way to gather the whole family and have some quality time.

Luxury holiday in a villa also means that you have the option of hiring a private chef for dinners or special celebrations, enjoy on private beach or advantage of private mooring, all of which we can offer to our guests in agreement with the owners. There are even villas like villa Carolus Barat in Istria that offers bicycles and cabriolet for free during the stay.

Great way to entertain yourself is also to rent a villa with football or basketball court, mini golf terrain or tennis court. For those who dream about carefree luxury lounging and love relaxing spa– there are lots of villas with Jacuzzi, Finish sauna, Turkish steam bath or infinity pool with breathtaking sea view.

We have everything mentioned above and more for your ultimate vacation on Adriatic coast so if you’re hesitant about making a choice, be free to contact us and we will find your perfect luxury villa where you can blissfully enjoy in Croatian sun. Next time when you think about rent a villas, I'm sure you will have beautiful Adriatic coast in mind.