Visiting Adriatic and enjoying the unspoilt nature of Mediterranean and its crystal clear sea are essentials for an excellent vacation, no matter where we choose accommodation in Croatia. However, the accommodation type that we choose can certainly make our holiday an unforgettable and magical experience. Luxury villas on the Adriatic are great place where we do not only get top quality accommodation but we also get more than just a stay on the seaside, we get to stay in exclusively furnished and designed places whose offer completely meets our wishes and needs, whether the luxury villa is located in Istria, Dalmatia, on some of the numerous Kvarner islands or in the globally renowned Dubrovnik.

Luxury villas are almost always situated at a great location, whether nearby the sea or in a green oasis of hinterland, and their outside space is ideal for a real vacation since one can enjoy nature and outdoor activities such as parties, barbeque and dining outside, and all of that in superbly designed and furnished interiors and outdoor places. Since most luxury villas in Croatia have a pool, refreshment is always just a step away, either as a quick swim or relaxed drink by the end of the pool.

Staying at the apartment, no matter how comfortable, means that we share our vacation place with other guests and/or property owners, with other apartments around us. Staying at exclusive villa guarantees complete privacy during vacation since guests have the entire property just for themselves so one can enjoy refreshing swim in a pool or a glass of wine at the garden terrace that belongs exclusively to villa and its guests.

Luxury villas are almost always situated at a secluded location so whether they are located in a small town or away from any settlement, they are always a real oasis of peace and quiet that allows us to experience a completely relaxed vacation and get away from the busy and stressful every day life to our own piece of heaven.

Everyone dreams about resting with their family and having a break from all duties, and luxury villa vacation is ideal for such purpose as all villas have big outdoor space that enables children to spend time in nature during the entire day, and spend quality fun time with the parents since many villas have additional features, apart from the pool, such as table tennis, children playground, home theatre and many other opportunities for great family time.

Exclusive villas, being large holiday properties, can accommodate more people than the average rentals, and since they offer more bedrooms, bathrooms, big lounges and living rooms, all guests can spend their day socialising with everyone, yet every guest has its own privacy when it suits them so one can spend a day in accordance with personal wishes and vacation plans, regardless of the number of people staying at the villa.

Choosing a luxury villa on the Adriatic for one's vacation can only be the best decision and a great choice for a complete vacation that every guest will enjoy, carrying wonderful memories of days spent in the Mediterranean paradise.