Feel the magic of the town of Motovun, and spend a vacation here surrounded by the views and landscapes as nowhere before.  

Istria is a land filled with wonders so make sure to explore it to the fullest, as it will surprise you on every step. There are a lot of good things to say about Istria, as it is a peninsula of unsurpassed beauty and magnificent landscapes. It has everything someone who lives here would ever wish for, and tourists who visit here come back again and again. A wide known fact about Istria is that it has a lot of picturesque towns and villages just waiting for you to discover them. One of those towns is Motovun, a beautiful and unique little town on the top of a hill. People of Motovun say that they are down but also above, in the clouds but also standing firmly on the ground. When you visit Motovun, all will be clear, as this magical little town of some 1000 people is just made to spend a vacation in a luxury villa that has you have ever desired.

Town of Motovun is rich in history, a long time ago being a middle-age fort, and today known in the region by an annual movie festival.

The magical feel of Motovun can be experienced everywhere around you, and the view you will have on top of the town is truly breath-taking and unmatched. Once upon a time, Motovun was a center of siege and defense, but today is an oasis of peace made for a wonderful vacation in a luxury villa. You will have an excellent experience as the area is a fairytale-like landscape made for an extraordinary vacation like no other.

Your enjoyment will be thorough because your senses will be filled with sounds of nature and otherworldly atmosphere of the area.

Unique in everything, as well as the way you enter the town because to reach the town’s center you will have to take some stairs... 1052 stone steps to be exact. And if that doesn't make an entrance to town special, we don't know what does. If you come to the valley underneath the hill on which Motovun is situated, you will be totally left in awe as the view uphill is one of a kind.

Breath-taking landscapes and marvelous views are invitations enough to book a villa in the area and make your holiday experience to be talked about for a long time.

Luxuries that these accommodations provide together with the stunning views will make your vacation a one of a kind experience you will gladly share with your loved ones and friends.

The best way to enjoy all that is around you is to simply relax and live in the moment. The only way to truly experience Motovun in its glory is to visit it with an open mind as it is cultural town with a special kind of beauty to it. You will be amazed by the feeling that will follow you whilst walking through the streets so close to the clouds. This town truly is special in every way, and vacation here should be on top of your to-do list.