There are many reasons for you to visit National Park Brijuni and its one of a kind unreal beauty is only one of them. 

The origin story of National park Brijuni is about how a man fell in love with these islands and had a vision on how to transform them into something beautiful so everyone can be a part of it. A beautiful tale of love and devotion toward this place, made Brijuni as they are today – a wonderful collection of islands with untouched nature.

The story of the 14 islands and the way they look now is unique - as the area itself, especially the biggest island of Veliki Brijun. The remnants of the quarries where local people use to exploit stone remain to this day, but they were transformed into promenades. How it was done? Here lays an interesting story about how Brijuni was made into one of the most interesting and unavoidable places in the Mediterranean.

The story itself begins in the early 20th century and National park Brijuni as it is today would not be possible without a man called Paul Kupelwieser. His decision to buy these islands in 1893. which were infested with malaria and turn them into a fashionable summer resort, made these islands heaven on Earth as they deserve and all from neglected islands filled with quarries and stone scattered all around. Quarries were made into promenades – the history hidden with utmost success.

A tale of how this neglected beauty became one of the most popular hotel resort for European aristocracy in 20 years of forestation and land cultivation would not be possible without the help of the forester Alojz Čufar. The vision and the hard work of these two men made this secluded paradise like it is today - incomparable.

There is a list of rules that you must obey while visiting Brijuni, but it is also a right and natural way to do it. For example, you are not allowed to pick flowers in the protected area of the national park. Is to be maintained as untouched and undisturbed as possible as it is the only possible way for nature to thrive. Just to be here and to absorb the atmosphere and the beauty is enough. A sightseeing tour by tourist train is available and the train will drive you around and show you all the things you need to see here. And trust us there are many.

To start with the museum that holds some of the most interesting artifacts and historical collections and with over 50 000 units of inventory, the museum is a truly interesting place to visit.

On the island, there is an old olive tree. And by old we mean very, very old. And then some. It is proven that this remarkable olive tree is more than 1600 years old.

Sports activities are available on Brijuni, not to forget this was a resort a long time ago and still is. If you want to play golf or tennis these activities are available to you. We must mention that the golf course here is one the most environmentally friendly ones in the area, as the goal was as always– to enjoy nature but not to disturb it.

In the park, animals are free to roam and explore, well taken care of, and unbothered. Peacocks, deer, mouflons, and all kinds of birdlife live here in perfect harmony.

In the National park of Brijuni, there is also a wonderful safari park with exotic animals. From camels, llamas, and zebras and even an elephant these animals also are free to explore within limits of the park, as the microclimate of the islands is very accommodating. This fact is most prominent in the way that on Brijuni there are some species of plants that are almost extinct on the mainland, but the national park is overflowing with them.

As in the old days, it is possible to find accommodation in the National park Brijuni as the hotels are still here awaiting you to enjoy what these beautiful and tranquil area has to offer.

The paradise for boaters and yachtsmen alike, as well as for all the people who want to see, feel, and explore something extraordinarily unique.