Renting a perfect holiday villa on island of Ist will make your wishes for a peaceful vacation come true. 

Stress in daily life and work can put a lot of strain on someone and in your search for one of a kind vacation look no further than renting a luxury villa on island Ist, a place with an otherworldly feeling to it. Just some 21 nautical miles from mainland, unusual shaped island of Ist with the town of the same name will provide you with everything you need. Ist is an island in Zadar archipelago with just some 10 square kilometres in size with main population of nearly 200 people. Booking a luxurious villa near the sea is ideal place for your one of a kind vacation on an incomparable island atmosphere.

Whole of the island Ist has some 10 square kilometres of land in total which is ideal if you are keen on exploring because everything is in a walking distance. Numerous small bays with sandy beaches are on the island and one of these will probably make your sunbathing and swimming in a secluded bay a very special. Untouched nature will inspire you to explore more of the native wildlife as much as the local vineyards and olive gardens. Ist is connected with the mainland daily  with the ferry and catamaran but there is no traffic and cars are not an option and this is one of the things contributing to the general feeling of the serenity on the island. Even though small and unpopulated by most of the standards Ist still offers luxurious villa for rent, and with it's location between two bays you will have a perfect view. Whatever you can imagine your luxury villa provides and everything will be perfect for you to unwind. Different kind of perfection would be just to enjoy the sound of nature soaking up the sun for the upcoming long winter. Peaceful and pleasant ambience of your villa will immerse you in luxury and your idea of a vacation will never be the same after this experience. Far from big town noise and pollution your senses will be revived by warm sea breeze and clean air along with stress free environment.

If you are more adventurous type Ist is also  great for scuba diving, so be sure to try it out. Island is know as a excellent diving location with as it is rich with marine life because of the crystal clean sea surrounding the area. Ist has a small marina but it's a quite known destination in sailing community and a bay filled with a number of boats and yachts can be a splendid view.

Either way Ist will make your stay in the villa a marvellous and unforgettable experience with island's serene vibe and your only task is to unwind and enjoy.