Nin, Croatia a peaceful small town brimming with history surrounded by beautiful beaches has one of the best selections of villas for holiday rentals

In it's 3,000 years of history, Nin managed to transform in many different ways but the essence stayed the same. Long time ago Nin was one of the royal towns of Croatia and it's historical importance resonated throughout the whole of Europe. It was a place were kings were made in the church of st. Cross, known now as one of the smallest cathedrals in the world and modern day historians are confirming origins of the area of more than 10,000 years old. What a unprecedented place for a vacation!

In all of that Nin today is a modern small town with the centre located on an islet of only 500m in diameter connected with mainland with two stone bridges. Unique is insufficient word to describe how extraordinary this place is.

Just imagine yourself renting a villa in a place in which every stone has a story to tell. Imagine walking around this much history vibrating through each your step you make.

Where ever you are in Nin, you will most likely have a sea view because of it's natural location in a bay surrounded by pine trees and endless sandy beaches with beautiful Velebit mountain overlooking. Waking up enjoying your accommodation to a smell of the fresh sea breeze surrounded by luxury of your villa or having a glass of wine on your terrace while gazing into the brightest stars you have ever seen would have to be on your bucket list for sure.

Few short minutes away from your accommodation and luxury of your villa there is various selection of high rated restaurants and taverns. Nin will make you never want to leave here and away from your villa once you step foot on the sand. Lounging on the beach in the shade of local vegetation, looking at the sun shining above and then taking a good swim is just the thing for you to remember this place even more.

Nin is just the place to rent a luxury villa because it offers something for everyone even if it is a family oriented  holiday destination. Kite surfing is Nin's speciality for adrenaline junkies as much as the Sun and sand festival taking place on Queen's beach is for families with kids. Nin has a place for everybody. If you deicide to see some sights, Nin and the area offer one of a kind Nin Saltworks where the process of making salt is natural and harvesting of salt is still made manually. As everything would be close by your villa can walk around and check out all the historical sights such as preserved Byzantine mosaic on the floor of a Roman villa, monument to Bishop Grgur of Nin, or just check out the stone walls and gates that surround the town.

By renting your accommodation in a villa located in Nin besides beautiful weather and natural beauty the town and the area have a lot of history to experience, a lot of activities to enjoy and wonderful beaches and great views to top all that.