Renting a luxury villa in Milna, Brač will make you fall in love with this enchanted small town's architecture and abundance of  local flavours. 

Milna was known in history as the port of thousand ships and that moniker has maintained even today as it has two highly equipped marinas which provide hospitality for ships and boats all around the world.  And what a sight to be seen, a deep bay filled with boats and yachts of all kinds and shapes, and along the coast line a number of houses each a masterpiece on it's own, Milna is a place where architecture meets a modern day sailing.  Overflowing with tales of old most surely will keep your attention and will be one of the places you will fall in love with wishing you never have to leave. All around the area there are a lots of villas for you to spend your vacation, and a seaside villa with even a swimming pool would be the best choice for your super ultra relaxing vacation. Because your needs will be anticipated you will wish for nothing but to enjoy and probably explore more of Milna. All around the town and area there is a lot of historical and natural sights to be seen and all of them in an almost walking distance from your villa. If you choose one of the more secluded seaside villas in the area you will have your tranquillity but also the luxury of being close to the urban areas, as local people say everything is close on a small island.

Dalmatian coast is full with historical curiosities and somewhat funny customs and one of them considers the island of Mrduja. Careful not to offend anyone who thinks this beautiful little island belongs to, the situation is like this: every year locals from island of Brač and Šolta gather in their boats in two rows to tie a rope, yes – a rope, around the island and each pulls it closer to it's own island. Or at least tries to. The island will not move, of course, but it brings people together and this  interesting tradition is now a great tourist attraction. Imagine spending your vacation in a place with such hilarious customs. Known also for the unique way of speech, Milna as the rest of the island of Brač speaks in one of the Croatian southern dialects but let's say with a twist. Unique and picturesque are the words you will hear yourself saying a lot when having a vacation in these parts of Croatia.

Our recommendation as everywhere else in Dalmatia, would be to try the food in Milna. Yes, the food is superb and unparalleled. Local fish fresh from the fisherman's net, clamshells and all the other local specialities made with love and care doused in island's own olive oil. There is nothing, absolutely nothing that will make your vacation better. Enjoying your lunch on the terrace of your villa in the shade from the high noon sun with the pool reflecting off your wine filled glasses or a meal under the stars with the moon rising above horizon... yeah, we are also left speechless by imagining all this.