Luxury villa in Seget Vranjica is the ideal starting point for your summer adventures! Book a peaceful vacation spot!

If you ever travel through Dalmatia, we are sure that area around the city of Split has remained in a beautiful memory. So, why not stop your car and spend your vacation right there, in the place with so much beauty? Apart from the places like Split, Kaštela, Trogir, Marina, Rogoznica, Primošten and the surrounding islands, there is also one picturesque Dalmatian place named Seget Vranjica. This small, in not so distant history a fishing village, today is an increasingly popular tourist destination, located on the small peninsula of Vranjica, only 5 km from the historical center of town Trogir. The place was created to protect the Trogir's area from the medieval Turkish invasion. Today its geographic position is the ideal starting point for tourist who comes to know Dalmatia in short period because Seget Vranjica is located near all major event centers of region Dalmatia! If you want to visit Trogir just take a walk, while seven places, little towns named Kaštela are only 8 km away while the second largest city in Croatia, Split is just 30 km away.

If you choose to explore the north neighborhood, there are Dalmatian gems Rogoznica and Primošten. But if you decided to stay in Seget Vranjica you will also have a lot of fun. The former fishing town is now a quiet tourist destination ideal for family vacations. Luxury holiday villas, fully equipped with everything you need, indoor and outdoor pools, accommodations by the sea, with a perfect view. In addition to luxurious accommodations, you can also find miles of beautiful sandy and rocky beaches where you can enjoy the view on nearby islands of Šolta and Drvenik and also visit them. If you don't want to cook during your annual vacation, the gastronomic offer of the place and its surroundings is rich and varied so you can taste the true Mediterranean delicacies. The aroma of the Mediterranean except form the restaurant, spreads all over the place due to the vegetation surrounding, the centuries-old olive groves and vineyards. You will also enjoy the "Path of Health" from Seget by the "Napoleon Way" uphill, built during the time of French rule in Dalmatia to the church of St. Ilija built in XIII. century and up to the top of Vlaska mountain.

Panoramic views of Seget and its surroundings will leave you breathless! The trail is for pedestrians and bicyclists. Wherever you go, take the camera! Apart from swimming in the crystal clear sea, you can spend on daily excursions by local boats. Forget the stress and the crowds, because in Seget Vranjica you will have a peacefull vacation. Organized excursions from the place are available every day, so you can visit the Krka waterfalls as well as Zadar's surroundings. The vicinity of several ACI marinas and ferry ports in Split allows you to go a bit further. And if you want a bit of nightlife and club life, you can find it on every step.  Each Dalmatian town has its summer festivals and plenty clubs. One of the world most popular festival of electronic music Ultra i sin Split, and there are also various cultural manifestations such as Trogir's cultural summer and the Split Summer Games! If you like to spend some activ days don't worry you will find something for yourself, from morning jogging through the pine forest to diving, quad biking, biking, bungee jumping and other sports activities. Seget Vranjica have a special Dalmatian charm that is hard to resist! So book your vacation in the heart of Dalmatia!