Book a seafront holiday home on island of Šolta and find out why songs have been sung about this Croatian pearl. 

When looking for a holiday destination and booking your vacation luxury villa has many important elements, but one of the words coming to mind most often than others would be - perfect. If searching for a peaceful and relaxing place, look no further than island of Šolta, as it is as perfect as it gets. Dalmatia has many, many islands and if you choose Šolta island as your destination there will be no words to describe your satisfaction. Very well connected to mainland by ferry and a speedboat as it is only 9 nautical miles away from port of Split, Šolta will surprise you and surpass all your expectations. Numerous are reasons for this island to be your choice but mainly because it is so near to the land that is almost a suburb of Split, and you will soon discover why you will wish to replace the bustle of town streets with peacefulness of island life.

Island has 8 settlements and half of them are situated on seashore and other half inland and you will probably have a difficult choice in which one to pick because all of them are unique in their charm. Every one of these small towns is rich with local customs and curiosities of small Dalmatian villages as well as rich history and abundance of family run farms, holiday homes, and luxury villas for rent. If yo choose to visit these farms you will be able to have a taste of local made olive oil, honey and wines. Surely you will find something that you will be able to take home as a memento or even learn how all of things are made, because true experience lays in the fact that most of these farms make their products the old-fashioned way. Olive oils made here are one of the best and most awarded ones so don't miss out in enjoying the true taste of oil made out of native sorts of olives. Big on knowing their grapes locals also make excellent wines for you to experience. What is a vacation without a glass of wine, or two, or more... you get the picture.

Sightseeing will be a different kind of an adventure on Šolta island because the long history it has and there you will be able to see how life was lived long time ago exploring narrow streets and small stone houses with their walls intertwined with vine leaves. All of them have integrated with the rest of the more modern buildings in a perfect symbiotic way. Šolta offers you rentals filled with luxury villas with their contemporary designs and superbly integrated swimming pools along side with a rustic feeling of old times. And there are not so many places where you can enjoy all of that.

Along with it's history the island has come a long way and it is keeping up with modern ways and also preserving its unique way of living. On Šolta island you won't lack anything. Anywhere you go you will be immersed in nature discovering local wildlife, as Šolta island has more than a hundred type of birds not to mention all sorts of native species of animals and sea life. On a hands reach from your luxury villa there will be a number of activities for you to fulfil your free time. If that is not the case you can always spend your holiday leisurely relaxing by the swimming pool enjoying your surroundings and absorbing the atmosphere.  Imagine yourself waking up in your villa on an island to the songs of birds or wind that is slowly rustling in the tree tops.

Šolta island area contains also seven small islets which are a great and unique attraction for you to visit. Swimming in the clean and clear blue sea in one of the numerous bays on the island will surely be one of the thing you will be delighted not to miss out on. As Šolta is an an island with a quite rugged coastline there is no other way for you but to find one of the secluded bays in the area, have a swim and then just relax and soak up the warmth sun and feeling of salt on your skin.