Solin could be your next choice for holiday stay as has great villas and apartments for rent.

Solin is a small town right next to Split and it is very lovely as it lies on Jadro river and its center is a beautiful green oasis as Solin is located amidst the karst hills of mountains of Kozjak and Mosor. Solin is very popular as a place of residence for young people as living expenses and real estate are cheaper there than in nearby Split so many of them decide to move to Solin in search of a more affordable housing solutions. Solin has everything needed for a normal city life, and it takes only a short car or bus ride to reach all the important facilities in Split.

It's not just the residents from Split who find this charming town attractive enough to move there. Many tourists have realized that staying in Solin can be a great experience and the offer of accommodation with all types of rental properties is pretty good. There are new modern houses and luxury villas available for rent that are situated on the slopes above the town centre with great sea view and swimming pools, and there are apartments as well. Split and beaches are just around a corner therefore Solin is a great choice if you wish to be near a bigger town and still enjoy the charms of a smaller place. Thirty minutes car ride from Solin will take you anywhere, as far as Omiš and river Cetina on the east, and Trogir on the west. And there are plenty of lovely beaches, restaurants and other smaller towns that can be visited in that range.

Solin is also a place of very interesting history. It emerged from the ruins of Salona, one of the important cities in ancient Roman empire and the metropolis of Roman province of Dalmatia. At it's peak it had a population of 60 000 making it one of the largest towns in the Roman empire. With the emergence of Christianity in Dalmatia, it had its own Christian community that built many churches whose remains we can see today. The beginnings of Croatian history are very closely tied to this place and together with the numerous ruins of Roman buildings that include a large amphitheatre, a theatre, city walls, temples and so on, it makes one of the most interesting archaeological sites in Croatia and region and well worth the visit. Unfortunately it is still very much at the beginnings when it comes to preservance and presentation but the plus side of this neglected part of Croatian archeology is that the area is never too crowded with visitors so you can explore it at a relaxed pace.

Although many people will pop to Split for a bit of entertainment and fun, Solin also has a lot to offer. It has restaurants will excellent dishes of local cuisine, nice bars and a lot of events that are being held throughout the year such as concerts, sporting competitions and fairs. With such events taking place you are sure to learn everything about this town and its customs and history and enjoy yourself as well. So if you are wondering where to stay during your next visit to Split and its surroundings, don't hesitate to check the accommodation offer of this lovely town. Solin awaits you!

Photo: Autor Roberta F., CC BY-SA 3.0, source link