Book luxury accommodation on Hvar, one of the 10 most beautiful islands in the world!

If you want to spend your holiday with style, you can definitely do it on Hvar, the most famous island in Croatia. This is a place where you have the chance to get best sunny tan because Hvar has 2726 sunny hours a year. How to spend those sunny hours depends on you. Everyone on Hvar will find something for themselves and it is not a cliché. If you are looking for a party destination and a rich nightlife you will be in the right place. There are also some famous celebrities on the island, so do not be surprised if you meet some famous actor, singer or politician somewhere. Hvar is a summer destination that everybody has to visit at least once in a lifetime. The entertainment runs from 0-24, and takes place all over the island, but also on one of the Pakleni islands, which you will only get in a few minutes by party boat.

And when you get tired of nightlife, you can go exploring the island. Apart from being known as the Croatian Saint Tropez, it is often called UNESCO island, so you will encounter some traces of history at every turn. There are many sights in the city of Hvar, from the oldest theater in Europe, the Hvar Fortress, the Arsenal or the Franciscan monastery. You can relax with various shows, exhibitions, concerts and folklore events. Excursions by boat, as well as numerous private organized excursions, you can visit Pakleni Islands, sandy beaches near Jelsa, Stari Grad, paradise beaches beneath the pine forests of Zavala, the exotic south slopes of the islands of Ivan Dolac, Sveta Nedjelja and Milna, the "little Venice" ambience in Vrboska , ride through lavender fields near Gdinj, Zastražišća and Bogomolje, quiet hidden coves around Sucuraj or enjoy the hidden treasure of Hvar's underwater world.

Hvar is an ideal destination for all those who love active tourism. Sailing, kayaking, scuba diving, hiking, biking, jeep safaris are just some of the ways to get to know Hvar. Bicycle paths like small capillaries pass through the whole island, and the length of the bicycle trails exceeds 500 km. And if you want to avoid summer crowds visit Hvar in October when one of the most famous Big Game Fishing tournaments is held. Accommodation on the island of Hvar is a story for itself. In addition to a hostels, hotels and apartment accommodation, there are also luxury villas with pools and all amenities that will make your vacation even more fulfilled.  Enjoy a private pool, tennis, fitness, wellness and other interesting activities in one of the beautiful villas.

In each of the villas, expect VIP treatment subordinated to your wishes and needs. Book on time some of the 5 star luxurious buildings where you will have all the comfort and privacy you need. You can choose among the villas in the interior of the island, in the centers of Hvar's towns and those located by the sea. The most important thing is to provide your dream accommodation on time. Exclusive villa offer is intended for those who are expecting the most from vacation. Smell all the senses with scents, tastes, beauty and luxury of the island of Hvar! Book accommodation for yourself, your family or your favorite friends!