This is a place that will enchant you with its charm, history, beauty and accommodation in one of the luxury villas. 

Trogir is found on millions "to do" list of passengers from all over the world. Anyone who is looking for a break during which it can be crazy to have fun, learn something, eat well, and at the same time have their own oasis of peace, must visit Trogir, the best preserved example of Romanesque island city. It was founded by the Greeks in the 3rd century pr. Christ, and its perspective is changed through history resulting in a unique and surreal beauty. While you stay in one of the modern and high-tech-equipped villa, you will have the feeling that you are in the middle of some movie set. The view from your spacious terrace or room balcony will shoot at a small stone castle, pedestrian bridge that connects the island of Ciovo and the mainland. You  will be a part of the Mediterranean nature, tall cypress trees, pine trees, scents of rosemary and lavender, link numerous church towers, palaces and octagonal placed cobbled stone streets. The whole scene will round off the blue sea and numerous islands strung in the city surroundings.

The amount of attractions in such a small area is unthinkable. Every stone tells a story, and we'll sort out the most popular tourist attractions. The tower of St. Mark was built in the 15th century for defense against the Turks. From the same time dates and magnificent fortress Kamerlengo with a view of the city and surrounding area. The most imposing building is the Cathedral of St.. Lawrence built in the 4th century, and at its entrance is the most important medieval portal in this part of Europe. While strolling around the city stop by the monastery of St. Nicholas to see the relief of Kairos, the god of happy moment that has become another symbol of the city.

Trogir is no ordinary tourist destination but offers quality content, and in the immediate vicinity of the airport from which you can fly to other parts of this beautiful country. If you want to prepare some of the indigenous Dalmatian dishes, or organize a barbecue on the terrace of your villa, the foods you will find ot the Trogir picturesque market where you will enjoy the scent of ecologically grown fruit and vegetables, handicrafts, wines and oils. It is the liveliest street in the city where you will find numerous restaurants, taverns and cafes. Trogir has several nice beaches, but the most famous of them are located on the nearby island of Ciovo which is connected with Trogir. You will be amazed the beauty and purity of the sea and numerous activities which can be enjoyed by the entire family.

Stay in one of Trogir villa truly is a privilege. Such a combination of modern atmosphere and tradition, surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation and the blue sea you will rarely find. All that afternoon crowds and the heat, you can avoid staying in the privacy of your villa and looking at the city from a different perspective: from the pool, a terrace or balcony of your room holding a glass of local wine. Trogir is a destination for those looking for adventure, a good time, a breath of history and maximum comfort. Make your vacation a unique experience and book one of Trogir villa. There are so many reasons to fall in love in Trogir, one of them will certainly be your luxury accommodations, and the other could be a kiss beneath the wood of love, for that Trogirians believed to bring good luck to all those couples who kiss under it.