Can you imagine a vacation better than in a place where the sea and the mountain exist as one? 

Starigrad is a unique place to visit. A unique place for a unique kind of vacation. We can say that as a fact because there is a view that Starigrad has that sometnihg you won't find anywhere. You may wonder why is that so. Because this is the place of complete peace where mountains overlook the sea. Almost to hands reach you can touch both of them. Enjoying the sand-filled beach while soaking up the sun all the while having the protection of the mountain Velebit's massif is a very memorable vista and a perfect holiday spot.

But we won't say much about the mountain and its two glorious canyons and beautiful national park that everybody should visit. We will focus on the glorious villas the area has to offer as one of the most luxurious and most fulfilling ways to spend a vacation.

And what is a location than the most important thing when having a vacation. Are you imagining yourself in a villa filled with all kinds of wonderful and comfortable things? With something to amuse yourself with, of course. And how about a pool for that? Sounds great, doesn't it?

A swimming pool is always a wonderful way to spend your leisure time, which you should have an abundance of considering you are on a vacation. So all you can do is relax and work on your tan while being caressed by the refreshing mountain breeze.

If you seek a place where you can recharge and gather your thoughts after a stressful period, Starigrad Paklenica is a perfect place for you. Nowhere else is there a connection between a man and the mountain and the sea so profoundly shown as here and you will feel it and experience it upon arrival.

What an unexpected place for a one of a kind vacation. With luxurious villas for everyone's taste and preference, Starigrad will most definitely make a memorable vacation spot.

People here are invested actively in tourism but not in a commercial kind of way. Even the hotels have a feel of privacy and exclusivity in Starigrad, but the luxury villas here are a special kind of holiday home.

These architectural one of a kind wonders are truly a sight not to be missed as they are made with special care for every detail. For the outside, they look almost monumental but awe-inspiring for sure. Seeing these villas for the first time, you will be stunned to what a man can make as well as what nature can when you see Velebit mountain.

From the inside, they are beautiful and tastefully arranged you will wish your own home looks like this. Maintained with the same meticulous care that they deserve, these villas will show Starigrad and its area as they truly are - a beautiful coastal region with a special kind of soul.

Life here exists in symbiosis with men, mountains, and sea - and together they make for an unparalleled holiday place. A glorious spot to have a perfect vacation and enjoy yourself as never before.