Zadar villas will make you believe again in the wonders of the world as they offer you all the wonderful and exceptional luxury you could ever imagine. 

What a wonderful place to live in - a town full of history and all the modern luxuries close to the sea and also very quiet. Everywhere you go there is a different story to be told and all kinds of wonderful villas for the greatest holiday ever. Visiting Zadar most definitely has to be on your list of places to travel to.

Croatia has a lot of places that may be equally magnificent for you to visit but Zadar is our hometown and we don’t have praise enough for it.

If you are looking for a luxury vacation villa with a private pool Zadar will provide all this and more as there are a lot of choices for you to take your pick from.

Location is everything as all of you know and for a holiday destination, this is also true.

You will for sure be overwhelmed with the town's beauty and rich history as well as with its monuments and great restaurants. The city is one of the most fast expanding in Dalmatia and is becoming the most desired place to live and have a vacation in. Proof of this is various villas in the Zadar area and in the town itself. All filled with every luxury imaginable and fairly close to the beach. As Zadar is not a very big town by most standards everything is close here and that is one of its advantages. Sea views here are magnificent as is everything else.

Villas in Zadar will make sure you have your privacy while basking by your own private pool. There is no place like this to have a vacation at. Whether modern contemporary villa or old renovated rustic house, all the modern amenities will be at your disposal and your holiday will be one you will remember forever.

There is a great choice of extraordinary villas on the Zadar region, and the countryside of the region is also beautiful and peaceful. Make sure you explore some of the small villages and have a taste at their wine and delicacies.

Villas in Zadar are all in all an amazing collection of every possible style of architecture and interior design. A true testament to the town which is one of the best towns in Croatia. By visiting Zadar, you will not only have great memories, but you will also leave here enriched with the knowledge of how to enjoy life. In a luxury villa, you will be taken care of and pampered with all that modern design and equipment allows. You will most definitely not find a place like anywhere, as Zadar is unique in every way.

Rich history makes a beautiful town and people who know how to live a life in tranquillity, make everything in Zadar connected. Not by their closeness of everything but by the people.

Be sure to book a holiday in Zadar as this is a town that will make sure you have a good time but also have a long-deserved rest in the fresh sea air and refreshing summer breeze. Locals say there is no place like Zadar to call your home, so find out why this is true and maybe you will fall in love with the town also.