Easy, relaxed summer in the Mediterranean is on the top of everyone’s list. To make your vacation even more special, why not choose a luxurious villa for you to stay at with your family and/or friends? Maybe a villa holiday is just what you need.

Warm breeze rustling the trees… crickets chirping in the summer heat while you relax on the beach with a book whilst refreshing yourself every once in a while in the crystal-clear sea… This no longer has to be a daydream. To top it all off, we bring you a superb choice of villas in Croatia, that will make your head spin. 


A charming mix of Croatian and Italian culture, narrow stone paved streets, monumental churches and impressive sights, lovely squares, music and film festivals, captivating nature, beaches on end and hospitable locals – you name it, Istria has it. Here you will find a multitude of remarkable properties and magnificent villas to feast your eyes on.

Whether you are searching for something quaint and rustic or prefer something more urban and modern, be it in the center of a gorgeous town or in a more secluded location in one of the villages, the offer of villas is simply scrumptious. 


If you are in desperate need of a spa-like experience, Kvarner may be just the right choice for your holiday. This region will delight you with a marvelous combination of hills and sea, a scene brought to life from the silver screen. Villas with a phenomenal offer, captivating views, private heated pools and saunas are the way to go.

If you wish your vacation to be synonymous with luxury and utter relaxation, Kvarner is the place to be. You will certainly have a hard time choosing whether to stay in your summer villa or exploring the gorgeous surroundings as well as numerous jaw-dropping locations, but you will certainly enjoy yourself whilst doing so.


Pebble, stone and sandy beaches, hidden coves surrounded by shade of pine trees; dry summers and mild winters, 1000 islands for you to explore, historical cities with amazing summer programs, festivals, happenings and much, much more awaits you in Dalmatia.  

Treat yourself with a holiday in a villa of your dreams. In Dalmatia, you will find some impressive seafront villas whose offer includes whirlpools, saunas, gyms, wine cellars and sea views from each and every bedroom in the house.

Finding a villa that would fit our preferences and needs in Dalmatia is quite an easy task. The number of available villas keeps growing as a direct result of the heightened interest of tourists from all around the globe. Music festivals, concerts, amazing restaurants and bars, numerous activity possibilities which include cycling, sky-diving, parasailing, surfing and rafting make up a very small part of what Dalmatia has to offer.


A world-know vacationing location for the rich and famous, Dubrovnik abounds in luxurious properties, villas and mansions beyond your wildest dreams. Providing you with a spectacular view of the old town and its walls, the sparkling sea, islands and unforgettable sunsets, villas in Dubrovnik will make you never want to leave this gorgeous Mediterranean location.

Experience leisure in a different way in a city with rich history, impressive monuments and a great gastronomic offer. Leave your worries behind whilst relaxing in complete privacy in the lush garden of your villa, taking in the special atmosphere and listening to the sound of the waves.