The accommodation you've only dreamed of is located in Sumartin, a charming Dalmatian village on the island of Brac. Book it on time and enjoy the holidays. 

Brac is always a great choice. This picturesque island, located less than an hour by ferry from Split, has been a world-renowned tourist destination for many years, especially in summer when the island lives from 0-24. There are several places on Brac, each of which is interesting in its own way, but if you decide to make your starting point a private villa in Sumartin, we will understand why. The place has managed to preserve the Dalmatian soul, so you will enjoy strolling through the cobblestone streets, watching the locals fishing, eating the best local specialties at the numerous taverns and restaurants, or enjoying the night out.

In Sumartin you will rest in the true sense of the word, especially in the ambience of a villa with a private pool. The villa is equipped with everything you need for your vacation, so we will understand if you decide to spend some days in it. Beautiful views of the open sea, close proximity to the beach, natural shade of pines, spacious terrace and garden are just some of the things that await you at Villa Sumartin. The place is not big, but it has a special charm. You will be amazed by the beauty of the bell tower of the church and Franciscan monastery of St. Martin after whom the place was named. It is definitely worth a visit to Lucica, one of the few active shipyards on the Adriatic, which still builds and renovates wooden ships today, and everything is still done manually. The beaches are beautiful and natural, and the sea, despite the number of tourists, is crystal clear. Some of the more famous bays where you can enjoy the pleasures of the sea are: Rasotice, Zukovika, Radovnje, Studene, Zvirja and Spilica. When it comes to beaches, be sure to visit the one in Bol, which is one of the most famous beaches in the world. The beauty of Zlatni Rat beach cannot be described in words.

Take a look at olive groves and vineyards, as well as small fields surrounded by dry walls that grow fruits and vegetables that you can taste at local restaurants. Brac is widely known for its olive oil, cheese and wine so Sumartin is a true gourmet destination. Sumartin is also a destination for all lovers of active tourism, so you can hike and bike along miles of well-groomed trails, skydive, quad, sail, dive, try kiteboarding or windsurfing, kayaking, or simply with a good book and a glass of local wine relax on the beach. You can see a lot on the island itself: from Vidova Gora from which one of the most beautiful views of the Adriatic, the Blaca desert, Skrip-the oldest place on the island, to the numerous local festivities that take place in each village.

In Donji Humac you can also try to process the most famous stone in the world that comes from this island and make your own souvenir. Apart from being close to Split where you can spend the day exploring the old town center and Diocletian's Palace and have fun until the morning, you can also visit Makarska, a city located at the foot of Biokovo Mountain, which has numerous cafes, disco clubs, but and beautiful beaches. Make your holiday perfect and choose Villa Sumartin for your relax destination. Enjoy the unreal beauty of Brac.