Villas in Istria will thrill you with their hedonistic luxury, exclusivity and amazing history. 

Making Istria your next destination will make your vacation one of a kind and most memorable. But spending your holiday in a luxury villa will make it a unique experience and will most probably spoil you for all others. Istria is a beautiful place made for a family vacation providing all the luxurious accommodations you could ever imagine. A perfect place to enjoy if you want a nice and quiet countryside luxury villa. Or a beachfront villa a few meters from the sea. Or a city villa in a town rich with history. Or a charming rustic villa with a pool. Or a contemporary modern villa with a glass terrace with a breath-taking view. You get our point. Whatever type of villa you want, and whatever destination you choose in Istria you will be surprised by the luxury and the surroundings. Croatia takes pride in its holiday homes, and Istria even more so as this enchanting peninsula offers all the landscapes imaginable.

Colloquially Istria is divided into three parts depending on the type of landscape and soil it contains. Red Istria on the west coast, Grey Istria is the central part and White Istria is the eastern part of the peninsula. All of these parts have their own natural beauty that will stand out and leave you in awe.

But just imagine a rustically built villa, or even more original an old house renovated in such a way that its old-time charm is still present. You will be engulfed in feelings of old times but also enjoy all the luxuries ever made, such as heated pools, modern kitchens withal appliances, sauna, and a hot tub. But also, a perfect view usually overlooking a vineyard Istria is filled with, or an olive grove. Or just a nearby hill filled with the greenest grass you will ever see and few sporadic trees.

The selection of modern villas in Istria is also numerous and all of them will provide you with all the innovations in interior design and horticulture. But the interesting fact is how all of them merged successfully with almost magical landscapes of Istria. With their sleek designs made by well-praised architects, these luxury modern villas will make a for most grandiose holiday accommodation. With their luxurious bedrooms, you will wish you never have to leave, and extraordinary appliances provided for you will fall in love with this luxury at first sight.

A holiday in Istria wouldn’t be a perfect affair if you didn’t rent a holiday townhouse. As Istria is filled with history you will most definitely make the most out of a holiday spent in a house near all the activities and close to all the beaches. The airports and ports would be close so your traveling arrangements would be easy.

Istria is magnificent and its accommodations are even more so, so most probably you will be inclined never to leave your villa because all the luxury and comfort it provides. Who knows, maybe one day not so far away you will even become a resident of Istria as this place will mesmerize you completely.