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The city of Pula - over 3000 years of history

Pula is known, not only in Croatia, but also in the world for various ancient Roman buildings, the most prominent of which is certainly the Pula Arena. Apart from the Arena and beautiful beaches, Pula is also known for some activities such as winemaking, fishing, shipbuilding and of course tourism.

Of course, the first and obvious sight that is important to visit in Pula is the already mentioned Pula Arena. It was used for gladiatorial and knightly battles, fights with wild beasts and other performances, which were the most important social events in the ancient world.

There are many other sights that Pula offers to its visitors, and some of them are not known as the ones we listed above. What is attractive about Pula is that everyone can explore the city on their own and is guaranteed to discover something they did not know before.

In addition, the city is full of beautiful beaches, restaurants and all other destinations and details that should make a stay in that city special. Precisely because of all these sights and much more, Pula is a city that, although located on the sea, is worth visiting at any time of the year because there is always something interesting to learn and see.

And in the end what remains are, unforgettable memories of one perfect vacation that will be remembered for a long time and where you will want to come back again.