Ah, the glorious Dalmatia, what wonders it has to show to the one who wishes to experience their vacation to the fullest. 

One of the greatest places to live in, full of all kinds of wonderful landscapes, Dalmatia carefully guards all of its natural wonders and here we are to give you a little closer insight into them. Although well-guarded and maintained all of this beauty is for everyone to enjoy.

When finding a perfect for accommodation in a luxury villa for you and your family one would though the task is done, it isn’t. Your duty as we could call it is to take a look around you and explore the all glory that Dalmatia is so proud of.

As one of the main attractions of Dalmatia, we will be amiss not to mention Dalmatian superb accommodations, all-around luxurious places in which each one has something different to show for itself. Be sure that you will be welcomed with hospitality unlike ever seen before.

As Dalmatia is usually divided into three parts - northern, central and southern Dalmatia, we will mention one of the most special places of each part.

There are many beautiful parts in northern Dalmatia and one of the most prominent towns in these parts and in Croatia all together - is Zadar. A town full of history and wondrous sights, it is one of the most memorable towns there is and a perfect top destination for the best vacation ever.

Zadar is also an old historical town full of stories to tell and full of life. There is something to see on every corner and in every small street. If you chose Zadar as your holiday destination do not miss some of the new attractions that are made in recent history, but also very much beautiful and interesting never the less. Zadar is known by its glorious Monument to the Sun which is close to another great sight, the sea organ. Both are a wonderful way for you to experience Zadar and its uniqueness.

Central Dalmatia is a place not to be missed, filled with small coastal towns brimming with wonderful curiosities but also grandiose luxury villas fit for everyone’s taste. Bays and coves on every step hide great beaches and places to enjoy a moment of peace and quiet.

But the heart of central Dalmatia is Split, second largest town in Croatia and also a cultural and historical center. The town by itself is not to be bypassed as it has a great sea view and a marvellous, recently restored seafront where all the gatherings happen. Split is mostly known for Diocletian Palace, built around AD 300, a great structure and monument to the old days when the Roman Empire was in its full power. Split is a wonderful place to have a good night out and have an excellent meal as it a top gastronomic destination also.

As we think of Southern Dalmatia we often think of Dubrovnik, but this part of Croatia has many other towns and places to be seen. One of them is the island of Korčula, a gem on its own. Isolated but also full of life, Korčula is an island you have to visit. It has it all, almost as a small country. Korčula prides itself with its variety of climate so you can even have snow in the winter as the highest peak is almost 600m high. Korčula offers you a big choice of luxury accommodations, villas with pools and amazing sea views. The town of Korčula is known by its unique shape as the streets are narrow and long and this serves as the protection form the strong local winds. Korčula is widely known for its traditional sword dance called Moreška, a very interesting performance, but not done only in this town as the whole island of Korčula has some similar version of this dance. Nevertheless, Korčula is also known for its great wine selection and if that is not an invitation enough for you, we don’t know what is.