Croatia is a top destination for unforgettable family vacations in handpicked luxury villas. 

You can never go wrong in choosing a small country to spend your vacation, especially one as Croatia. There are no words enough to describe how great and rich this country is. It is one of the best vacation destinations there is, as everything is close here, but your privacy and total enjoyment will be guaranteed. Croatia is rich in history, natural beauty, clear blue sea, mountains and big wide planes, a sky filled with stars and most important - welcoming and friendly people.

All that you can ever wish for a perfect family holiday you can find here, especially selection of luxury villas that will leave you wondering why you haven’t visited this country before.

People who visit Croatia usually come back here often and once you have visited you will understand why. Every part of Croatia you come across is a brilliant example of beauty, history and natural perfection.

As rich in natural beauty Croatia is rich with the villas for rent, and every one of them has its different design and atmosphere to it, depending on which part of Croatia it is located.

Holiday villas are a special kind of accommodation which will provide you with everything, all the amenities you ever wished for, modern kitchens, heated pools with lounging areas, saunas, playgrounds for kids and courts for adults, gardens… you name it, Croatian villas have it.

Villas in Croatia offer you perfect rentals in every way, whether they are located few meters from a town’s sandy beach or on a secluded island that will make your vacation also an adventure not soon to be forgotten. Traveling to the island as your destination will be a thrilling experience whether you choose to travel in a private arrangement or public transport such as catamaran or ferry.

If your choice of renting a villa on the mainland be sure to pick one of the old renovated houses.

With all the luxuries modern houses can provide, they have it all and the special kind of atmosphere. Old houses have old souls and spending a holiday in that kind of accommodation will be a special kind of summer.

We will be amiss not to mention modern architectural wonders of holiday houses scattered around Croatia and its coast. The Mediterranean has a selection of modern luxury villas in abundance and their design, gardens, pools and welcoming atmosphere will make your vacation an affair to remember.

Make sure to visit one of the most beautiful towns in the World, Dubrovnik, even if only for a sightseeing trip. You will be missing out a lot if you don’t spend at least a few hours in this monumental town, as it is brimming with history and unique beauty. Dubrovnik is also a perfect destination for you to spend your holiday, as the selection of villas in the town and the area is truly magnificent.

Wherever your choice leads you, be sure the luxury villa you rent will be all you ever wanted and more. So, make sure to take advantage of everything you holiday home and the town you are visiting, offers for you.