Tourism and hospitality are the cornerstone of the Umag economy. Luxury villas in Umag, apart from rest, had their production function, so they processed olive oil, produced wine and dye for fabrics.

About Umag

What made Umag an attractive destination is primarily its geographical location. It is located on the northwestern coast of the Istrian peninsula, making it easily accessible to guests coming from many European cities by car and only an hour or two away from several airports. During the Roman Empire, Roman nobles chose Umag as their summer residence. At that time, the first luxury villas were built in Umag. In 1818, a lighthouse was built in Savudrija to make sailing to the port of Trieste safer for many ships sailing in that area. It is the first lighthouse that worked on gas fired coal produced by the distillation of coal, and today it is known as the oldest lighthouse in the entire Adriatic. In the Middle Ages, the inhabitants of Umag have dalt with fishing, cattle breeding and farming. Luxury villas in Umag, apart from rest, had their production function, so they processed olive oil, produced wine and dye for fabrics.

After the end of the Domovinski War, Umag receives the status of City and begins its economic recovery and becomes a tourist destination known for its ATP Croatia Open and rich gastronomic offer. Tourism and hospitality have been the cornerstone of the Umag economy since the 1950s until today. Umag also has one of the most prestigious ACI blue flag marinas and 10 blue flag beaches. Guests from all over the world are happy to visit Umag because of its rich gastronomic offer. There are many restaurants and pizzerias in the old town and in the outskirts. Traditional Istrian dishes made of meat, fish, asparagus and truffles can be enjoyed at these facilities. Umag is surrounded by olive groves and vineyards, and olive growers and winemakers from this area regularly win the most prestigious awards for their products.

Accommodation in Umag

In 1877, the first hotel with a restaurant in Istria called Al Cervo d'oro was opened in Umag, marking the beginning of organized tourism throughout Istria. It was the beginning of the massive construction of smaller hotels and guesthouses along the coast of the Istrian peninsula. A significant turning point in tourism in the City of Umag was marked by the construction of the Adriatic Hotel in Punta in 1964. Politicians, businessmen and entertainment figures from around the world stayed at the Adriatic Hotel. The opening of the Adriatic Hotel was followed by the construction of tourist resorts and camps such as Katoro, Stella Maris, Punta, Savudrija and Ladin Gaj. In the 1980s, over 35,000 beds were registered in the Umag area. Today there are hotel accommodation, apartment accommodation, accommodation in bungalows, mobile homes, camps, private accommodation and luxury villas in Umag. A total of 10 hotels are offered in the City of Umag, of which two are 5 star, five are 4 star and three are 3 star hotels. In addition to the hotels, guests can also choose to stay in one of 4 modern tourist resorts, two of which are 4 star and two are 3 star, or in one of 5 camps, four of which are 4 star and one 3 star. Private accommodation offers guests over 8000 beds, including many luxury villas in Umag.

There are also 3 wellness centers in Umag, which are located in hotels and are available to visitors throughout the year. Luxury villas in Umag are the most modern buildings. Built according to the latest world trends, luxury villas in Umag exude style, comfort and provide their guests with all the amenities for a fun and carefree dream vacation. Imagine sipping a glass of world-renowned wine from the Umag area on a lounger by the pool overlooking the beautiful Adriatic Sea. In addition to the modern, there are also rustic villas on offer. These estates were renovated and the hosts arranged it with a blend of modern and rustic. While visiting luxury villas in Umag, be sure to take the time to visit some of the beautiful towns near Umag like Pazin, Rovinj and Porec. Umag is located only a few minutes drive away from these oases of entertainment, cultural heritage, rich gastronomic offerings and historic sites.

Umag ATP Tournament

An international ATP tournament has been held in Umag every year for 30 years in a row. Umag is known as a city of sports and recreation, but tennis is a sport that has truly made it a world-renowned sports destination. For this reason, in 2018, the City of Umag got the European City of Sport title. The ATP Tournament of Umag also regularly wins prestigious awards such as the ATP Award of Exellence and the Best Fan Experience deservedly received based on the great atmosphere for the players and visitors of the tournament. The tournament is known for frequent dramatic matches in which the world's best tennis players have often lost to far more inexperienced and young players at the beginning of their sports careers. Only two times the tournament was won by Croatian players, Marin Čilić in 2012 and Goran Prpic in 1990. While in other years players from various countries around the world have won.

The 30th Anniversary edition of the tournament took place in July 2019 and was won by Dušan Lajović from Serbia, who has been participating in the tournament for 12 years, and was awarded by the President of the Republic of Croatia. Guests who visit luxury villas in Umag often choose the period during which the tournament is held for their holiday so that they can enjoy this event. Visitors to the tournament enjoy the ultimate entertainment program and a rich gastronomic offer.

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