Istria is a popular destination for many guests who want to get the best tourist offer for a relaxing or active holiday. Renting villas in Istria has been synonymous for luxury accommodation and holidays for some time now. Villas in Central Istria can offer you all this and much more!
Istria is the largest Croatian peninsula located in the western part of the beautiful Republic of Croatia and has a lot to offer. Renting villas in Central Istria allows you to get to know the very heart of Istria, in the center of which lies the city of Pazin and the surrounding places: Beram, Boljun, Cerovlje, Draguć, Gračišće, Rakotula, Kringa, Lindar, Karojba, Lupoglav, Pican, Sveti Petar u Šuma, Sveti Lovrec and Tinjan.

Fall in love with Pazin!

If you decide to rent villas in Central Istria, Pazin, as the center of economic, cultural and entertaining life, is an unavoidable spot that, like other places around it, has a great location. The town is situated above the Pazin Cave, a karst abyss into which the Pazincica stream sinks. Indeed, this area is rich in natural resources, the most famous of which is the Pazin Abyss.

The Pazin Abyss

Villas in Central Istria are surrounded by beautiful green hills, vineyards, olive groves, rivers and forests. The Pazin Abyss has long been an inspiration to many writers like Jules Verne and Dante, and you can explore it by taking a hiking trail or embarking on one of the following adventures:

ZipLine - located right above the Pazin Cave and waiting for all guests who rent villas in Central Istria who are looking for adrenaline adventures. It consists of two parts - the first part is 220 m long to the courtyard of the Writers' House, from where the second line, which is 280 meters long, continues and leads you straight to the lookout above the cave of Baba's house. If you want to enjoy an unforgettable view of the magnificent abyss of the Pazin Cave and the medieval castle, this is the adventure created for you!

Caving Adventure - gives you a completely different experience than the one from the air - you descend into the very womb of the Pazinčica Canyon to discover the underworld of Pazin Abyss in an ecological way, since this speleological object is not touristy landscaped. But don't worry - there's also a smaller Zip line and experiences to talk about long after the vacation is over.

Castle of Pazin

This medieval fort is also called Kaštel Pazin or Pazin Fortress and is the largest castle in Istria. It is located on the edge of the cliff of Pazin Abyss and began to be built in the 10th century to protect its inhabitants to give its final appearance in the 19th century. Today, this well-preserved medieval fortress houses the Pazin City Museum and the Ethnographic Museum of Istria. If you want to get acquainted with the old customs and traditions of the inhabitants of Istria, in this citadel you can see the permanent ethnographic exhibition, the bell exhibition, traditional wood and iron processing, archeological sites and get to know Juraj Dobrila who was an Istrian bishop and a key figure in the Croatian National Revival in Istria.

If you decide to rent a villa in Central Istria, keep in mind that you rented a villa in the so-called. Green Istria. The name itself says that this is an area full of natural beauty, greenery and rivers so you can enjoy activities such as:

• Cycling

• Horseriding

• Hiking

• Nordic walking

• Riding

• Fishing

• Off road, motocross and quad

• Adrenaline park

Gastro treasures

If you want to reward your palate with a symphony of colors, flavors and aromas, villas in Central Istria are again your ultimate choice. In each of the restaurants you can find one of the key ingredients typical of this climate, which blends continental and Mediterranean cuisine with the main ingredients being:

Truffle - king on every Istrian table. If you are in the mood for a long walk, you can go for a truffle hunt and if you get lucky, enjoy its charms. Okay, you can also order it in restaurants from top chefs or go to a culinary workshop, but why not take this unique opportunity and have the pleasure of saving this precious catch. Villas in Central Istria not only give you luxury in accommodation but also on your plate.

Prosciutto - this delicacy will delight all meat lovers and those who will become it after tasting the exquisite Istrian prosciutto, which is made in the traditional way following the rules and carefully kept secrets that have been passed down from generation to generation for centuries. It is a great appetizer, especially with cheese, olives and a drop of fine wine.

Wine - Central Istria is a paradise for all who know how to appreciate and enjoy top quality wine. Almost 2000 years ago, Roman Emperor Marko Aurelius brought the vine to Istria, so today you can enjoy white varieties such as Malvasia, Chardonnay, Muscat and white and gray Pinot and black varieties such as Black Pinot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Teran, red Muscat and indigenous Borgonja. In the late summer, you can even embark on a grape-picking adventure, and at any time of the year you can head to wine roads and explore the cellars of friendly winemakers. The following day, we recommend a relaxation and massage from one of the Spa and Wellness Centers if you enjoyed your wine a little bit too much.

Olive oil - it is a concomitant content of almost all Istrian dishes as well as olives. There are many autochthonous Istrian varieties and you can take part in olive harvesting, and your friends and family will surely be delighted if you bring them this Mediterranean elixir from your trip.

Where to swim?

The answer is: Wherever you want! The advantage of renting villas in Central Istria is that you are about 30 kilometers away from all the tourist centers on the west and east coast. Choose from beautiful Poreč, dreamy Rovinj, Umag, Novigrad, Pula, Rabac or Medulin. All beaches are made to provide you with everything you need for a top-notch vacation. Here you can enjoy the beaches rewarded with the Blue Flag for cleanliness and quality of the sea, hidden bays if you are looking for peace and privacy, and if you’re done with sunbathing and swimming, you can dive or sail.

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