Thousands of years ago, the island of Krk was known as the Golden Island. Today, when booking a Krk villa, you can still expect a gold star holiday experience. Historic monuments, beautiful beaches and crystal-blue waters are waiting for you on this Croatian pearl. Spoil yourself with a wide selection of our Krk villas and book an unforgettable vacation at the Adriatic Sea.

Our Krk luxury villas take you straight to holiday mood

Do you want to experience Croatia but are looking for something totally exquisite? Then look no further than the island of Krk and our luxury villas located there. The Mediterranean climate and the island’s easy accessibility from the mainland make Krk a perfect holiday destination. Whether you are vacationing as a couple, family or with a group of friends, you will certainly be satisfied with what the island has to offer.

Our selection of villas in Krk come in various designs, from stylishly modern to the adorably rustic, to accommodate various tastes. The more traditional-looking villas have been in the local families for many generations. They have been modernized to offer the best in the spirit of tradition and romance while still meeting our present-day standards.

Our villas are mostly located on the coast, but there are also options for visitors who wish to live in the countryside. For those who would rather take a swim in the privacy of their own backyards, we can offer a selection of Krk villas with a pool.

Explore the surroundings outside of your Krk villa

We understand if you would rather spend your whole holiday just relaxing in your Krk villa and its pool, but we strongly urge you to step outside and explore the island. From the beaches to the wonderful architecture and boat trips to the mainland, there is plenty to see and do!

Enjoy the sea breeze at the beaches

The island hosts beaches of all kinds, from the secluded to the public ones. There are rocky beaches, sandy beaches and pebble beaches. Many of them may also only be a short walk from your Krk villa.

Public beaches are great for different types of activities for both adults and children, such as water slides or ski jumps. And nothing beats watching the sun set with a drink in hand from one of the beach bars.

For those who prefer a beach away from the hustle and bustle, Krk has plenty to offer. Certain beaches on the island are so-called “wild beaches” without any amenities. There you can just enjoy listening the waves rolling to the shore. You’ll also find plenty of coves with crystal clear waters. Many of them are only accessible from the sea, guaranteeing privacy. It will be just you and the sound of the sea.

When you feel you have  done enough relaxing on the beach, take a trip to the Biserujka cave at the northern part of Krk. It’s stalactites or mineral formations hanging from the roof make it a mystical place to visit.

Explore the island via hiking trails

You can also find many hiking trails stretching across the island -  so, if you like to keep active during your holiday, remember to pack your hiking boots! The trails are especially enjoyable during the cooler months when the heath of the summer is fading. Maybe you’ll ever conquer the highest point of Krk, Veli vrh.

Take a sightseeing tour in the city

Our villas in Krk are not situated directly in the main town, but it’s worth a visit even if it’s a little further away. The little town of Krk is among the oldest in the whole Adriatic, so it’s a perfect destination for all the history-lovers. You can admire the majestic old Roman ruins in the city even today. The Krk Cathedral from the 5th century with its clock tower is one of the most distinctive landmarks as well. It’s situated near the main square Kamplin, as is another of the most distinctive Krk monuments: the Francopan castle.

After you’ve taken in the city’s historic past, you can direct your steps towards the city harbour. Enjoy the sea breeze and stop to sit at one of the many restaurants and cafés to just enjoy the day. From the harbour you can also catch a ferry to the mainland for a daytrip. The other option is to cross the toll-free bridge (just shy of a mile long) from the other side of the island.

Taste the local delicacies

Although you’ll find a state-of-the-art kitchen in all of our villas in Krk, we highly recommend you taste the island’s gastronomic offerings. Krk is famous for its olive oil as well as its lamb and fish dishes. Most restaurants and taverns work with seasonal foods, guaranteeing quality. For the wine-enthusiasts we recommend the local dry white wine Vrbnička žlahtina. It’s made from grapes grown only in the Vrbnik village

Book your holiday villas in Krk from the experts

We have picked all our Krk villas ourselves, to ensure that our guests are able to enjoy an unforgettable holiday in Croatia. To offer you a relaxing, luxurious holiday is our highest priority. And we want to start by making even the villa booking an enjoyable experience. From Croatia Luxury Rent you can always expect the following:

  • Professional and friendly service
  • Reservations with no hidden costs
  • Best price guarantee
  • Secure methods of payment

Get started with a dream island vacation and reserve one of our luxury villas in Krk!

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