During antiquity, the island of Krk was known as the Golden Island. What can we expect if we choose Krk as a holiday destination? The charms and riches of this beautiful island lie in its simplicity. A handful of historic monuments, beautiful beaches and crystal-blue sea is waiting for you. Spoil yourself with a wide selection of accommodation on the island of Krk, many of which are Villas in Krk and book a vacation to remember.

History, tourism and tradition

The island of Krk belongs to what used to be called the Apsirtids Islands, today called Kvarner. Long ago, the island was ruled by the Romans, Liburnian and the Japonese tribes, but after the Croats settled, it has been permanently inhabited by the Croat population until today.

The arrival of Christianity in this area brought the oldest and most valuable historical monuments of Croatian history, the most famous of which is the Bašćanska ploča, the oldest Croatian complete written document. The oldest fortifications, castles and villas in Krk were owned by wealthy Krk landlords.

One of the oldest historical families on the island of Krk were the Frankopan dukes of Krk, who ruled the area equal to half of present-day Croatia. Because of its strategic importance, the island has always been under attack by the naval superiority of the great powers.

Throughout history, the population of the island of Krk has lived from fishing, agriculture and animal husbandry. Maritime and shipbuilding was one of the first skills in the area. Seven different variants of the Chakavian dialect and dance as well folk costumes too coexist on the island. The island's trademark is a music instrument called Sopile, which is an indispensable part of every ceremony on the island. Like the people of Rijeka, the inhabitants of the island of Krk love Carnival very much.

Traditional villas in Krk as accommodation can be found in the beautiful old historical monuments, which have been inherited by the locals from their ancestors tough history, and perfected today the best that these beautiful rustic objects can give, and turned them into a wonderful choice of accommodation in the spirit of tradition and romance.

You can find one town and several municipalities on the island. The town of Krk is surrounded by the municipalities of Omišalj, Malinska, Punat, Baška, Vrbnik and Dobrinj. Already in the 19th century the first guests from Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia are visiting, so the first beach hotels, guesthouses and villas in Krk are opening for rent.

The location of the island, clean sea and Mediterranean climate and easy accessibility make Krk a desirable tourist destination from the beginning of tourism until today. The locals are among the first in Croatia to become increasingly involved in tourism and have decided to establish small local communities for the maintenance of the environment, the beautification of the island and the tourist organization, which is now known as tourist boards today.

Beaches and Gastronomic offer

Beautiful beaches and crystal clear sea are one of the magnets that attract more and more guests every summer. The island has beaches of all kinds, secluded or landscaped public beaches, rocky, sandy or pebble. Some beaches are minutes away from your accommodation, and some can be reached exclusively by boat or field trails.

Public beaches have many activities for guests, adults and children, from water sports to water slides and ski jumps. We recommend this kind of beaches to families with children and those who love active holidays. Beach bars offer entertainment until the early hours of the morning. The most modern furnished villas in Krk can be found right next to the famous beaches on the island.

There are those of course who prefer a beach away from the hustle and bustle. We recommend beautiful hidden coves with crystal clear sea, many of which are accessible only from the sea, which fully guarantees privacy. You can find blue flags on 15 beaches as a sign of clear sea and preserved nature.

You will certainly not forget the rich gastronomic offer of the island once you try it. It is famous for its olive oil, lamb and fish that you can try at local taverns and restaurants that nurture tradition through its unique recipe. Most restaurants work with seasonal foods, thus guaranteeing quality.

With quality dining at Krk restaurants, you should not miss the taste of Vrbnička žlahtina, a dry white wine made from the autochthonous variety that only grows on Vrbnik.

On the island of Krk as you can find a lot of interesting things. What we recommend is that you choose villas in Krk for your accommodation, which with its beauty and location will complete the experience of holidays on the golden island. Rich tourist content for young people and families with children will not disappoint you. Book your accommodation and have your dream Vacation.

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