Are you planning a vacation on one of the Adriatic islands and you don’t wish to travel with crowded ferries and loose much valuable time on traveling? We recommend you to explore the villas in Murter as your choice for an unforgettable vacation. You will be amazed by the easy accessibility, natural beauty and rich content on this beautiful island. Discover the various possibilities and potential of this Adriatic gem and start planning your dream vacation.

What can we find on Murter?

On your journey to Murter, you will come across a drawbridge in Tisno that connects the island with the mainland. The bridge was made in the 19th century and opens for half an hour twice a day to allow boats and sailboats to pass through the strait. The Romans built the first mansions and villas in Murter, many of which had mosaics and murals that have survived the grasp of time. Below Gradina Hill are the remains of Colentum, a Roman city thought to have been destroyed by pirates. The most famous ancient monument from Byzantine times on the island is the fortress Tureta from the 6th century.

For the first time, Murter was mentioned as a large village in the 13th century, only in the 18th it took its present name. Old Croatian cemetery near the Church of Gospa of the Hill and the parish church of Sv. Mihovil is something you should definitely visit. On Vršina, on the hill is the church of St. Roko from where a beautiful view of the entire island of Murter stretches, and it is something that everyone who fully wants to experience this island must visit. The first Library was opened on Murter, what is considered a first one in this area. Murter is also called the entrance to the now famous Kornati National Park. Residents of Murter have owned the island in the national park for centuries, where you can find traces of drywall construction and cultivation.

For centuries, excellent shipbuilders, sailors and farmers have been born in this area. For centuries, the population has been engaged in these activities, until the development of tourism and catering, which completely modernized and shaped the islands future and present. The village of Betina on the island of Murter is known for its Betinska Gajeta, a ship that has been an indigenous product of the locals since 1745, and is still used today for trips around Kornati. The various forms of boats and the regatta itself can be seen during the fishing festivities.

The island is known for its abundance of figs, which you can taste directly from the tree and harvest at every step of the island. The beautiful beaches of Slanica and Čigrada are one of the most beautiful beaches of the Adriatic that will leave you breathless. On these beautiful beaches you can find shade and a place to have coffee or a place for a romantic dinner. The clean sea, romantic atmosphere make this place perfect for guests looking for an island where they can carelessly relax .

Gastronomic offer, active holidays and diverse accommodation options

The secrets of the traditional cuisine of the locals hide the various taverns, restaurants and villas in Murter. Kornati lamb is a specialty that you must put on your list, try fig desserts and various other forms of Mediterranean cuisine rich in seafood and fresh catches of fish, shellfish, eco-produced olive oil and seasonal vegetables and fruits that grow on the island. We should not forget the famous Dalmatian prosciutto, bacon and meat under the bake. All spices used in indigenous cuisine can be found in nature.

This lively Dalmatian island is full of summer activities for all lovers of active holidays. Try a variety of sports at sea and beach, or dive into the colorful depths with a submarine. The Murter depths will delight all divers with the Colentum archaeological site or the Kornati beauty’s in the depth. Spice up your active vacation by renting a Jet Ski, bicycle, pedal boat, aerial fortifications, etc. Look for tennis courts, well-kept bike paths and spectacular vantage points from which you can see the whole Island and the Kornati islands.

The villas in Murter are the perfect place to combine romance and luxury. Modern accommodation or Rustic romance, whatever you choose, you can't go wrong. Experience Murter as completely lived in by the inhabitants of the island as if you were at home. Villas in Murter are the right choice for all guests who want to fully experience the beauty of this jewel of the Adriatic in luxury and quality accommodation. In any case, we believe that Murter is the right choice for anyone looking for a relaxing holiday, and we are confident that you will not be disappointed with the beautiful surroundings and fantastic offer for an unforgettable holiday.

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