Another pearl of Istria's developed tourism culture is certainly Novigrad. Once a peaceful fishing village, it will delight you with its tradition, culture and natural beauties, which it has collected throughout history, progressing through time to one of the Istrian epicenters of modern tourism and traditional offer. If you are still wondering where to look for accommodation for your summer vacation, we are sure that with numerous hotels and apartments, the villas in Novigrad Istarski stand out as the right combination for a dream vacation.

Why exactly villas in Novigrad Istarski?

The Italians call it Cittanova, an Istrian small town with impeccably clear sea from Dajla to the estuary of River Mirna. The stone and pebble dominates the indented coast of Novigrad, where the first hotels opened with well-equipped sports fields and a rich offer for active beach holidays accessible to all on the Beach.

Visit Novigrad once, and we are sure you will come back several times. Extremely popular in tourism, Novigrad did not lose its private integrity by cramming into accommodation units and creating crowds, but retained the intimate atmosphere characteristic of Mediterranean towns.

It is full of historical sites, cultural monuments, natural beauties and gastronomic heritage. The rich history of the city has been preserved in the city walls through history since 599. The city walls have embraced and preserved valuable monumental heritage, tradition and culture, all that makes the city historically significant, first time mentioned in writing in the year 599th.

Surely looking for your perfect holiday destination, the first thought for romantics was the rustic villas in Novigrad Istarski, surrounded by lavender, pine needles and the scent of sea salt. These historical monuments tell the stories of the ancient past perfected into the most romantic luxury accommodation of today. Or did you envision the villas in Novigrad Istarski as modern buildings and innovations of today that, with their luxurious design, ensure a dream vacation? Either way, the choices are varied, so we're sure you'll find something suitable.

The main face of the city is the turret of St. Pelegia and Maxima, Lapidarium Museum, beautiful city walls, Rigo Gallery and the Gellerion in Mill Street. Take a stroll through the city and learn about the rich history of the place. After sightseeing we recommend to try the unusual gastronomic specialties. Mediterranean Sashimi is definitely something you should try.

Freshly caught fish are present in every menu of Novigrads Restaurants and prepared on the traditional way. Try wine from a traveling train going through olive groves and vineyards. Visit the many souvenir shops in town, Beach Bars and have fun until the early morning hours. The rich summer program includes various music festivals, arts, sports and gastronomic events, trying to show our guests the best that Istria has to offer.

Various activities are available for researchers, families with children and anyone who likes an active holliday. The Ornithological Reserve will delight you with the birds, bring your family to Istralandia, an aqua park that guarantees fun for all ages. Bicycle, wine and olive oil trails show the colorful beauty and the most prized products of Istria. Gourmet festivals, sporting events or music events are active throughout the year, not only in summer, which makes Novigrad a desirable destination in every season.

History of a small Mediterranean town

It is believed to have originated on the foundations of several ancient historical settlements, marked by a turbulent and rich history. From prehistoric times we have evidence of the population of this area. Estates and villas in Novigrad Istarski testify to the birth of the city in the time of Antiquity, although historians themselves are uncertain about the peninsula, when exactly it was settled.

Villas in Novigrad Istarski in the old days were the homes of wealthy ancient families, and it is believed that just one existed on the peninsula as well as in the surrounding area. For this reason, a fort was created around the city itself to defend the first villas in Novigrad Istarski. After the fort is built around the city, the settlement takes on the shape of a fortified city. Pope Gregory first mentions him in the 7th century as Neapolis.

The Slavs occupied this area in the second half of the 7th century. Franks and Carolings raised Novigrad to a rich city. It was the settlement of the Frankish lord and through it flowed all the currents of culture from Europe at that time. In the Carolingian period, a rare example of collections of stone monuments and sacral art emerged.

The Venetians leave their mark on Novigrad too. The Venetian fortifications dating from 1270 testify to this, which are still witnesses of the Venetian rule from that time in this region today. In the 19th century, after numerous wars and devastation throughout history, the city grew again in the boom of tourism, and in today's various archeological sites of this historically enriched city.

Cultural events and active holidays

The history of the city is mirrored by the preserved cultural monuments that you can visit in the city's museums. For history lovers, this small town offers a variety of entertainment, culture and accomodation options. Villas in Novigrad Istarski go back to history beyond what you think. Luxury accommodation for every taste will ignite the imagination of anyone planning a quality vacation.

Sports, concerts, children's parties, nightlife are all part of Novigrad's great summer offer. Discover the Gnam Gnam Fest, Lunsa Astro Party, Street Wizard's Evenings, Ethno Under the Bell Tower and many more. For all the curious we believe that Novigrad is a perfect destination, an unforgettable destination for an unforgettable stay. Search for villas in Novigrad Istarski, we are sure that the perfect one is waiting for you.

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