The word “Novigrad” translates as “new town or “new city”, so it’s no surprise that you can find two beautiful towns in Croatia with the same name. While one can be found in Istria, the other (and the one we’re concentrating on today) is situated in Dalmatia, in a fantastic location that promises a summer vacation you could only dream of. Though, of course, by booking a luxurious villa in Novigrad, you can turn this dream into a reality.

Our villas in Novigrad are as mesmerizing as their surroundings

The Dalmatian city of Novigrad sits in a narrow bay on the southern coast of the Novigrad Sea, at the foot of the magnificent Velebit Mountain. Surrounded by the remains of the stone walls which once served as its protection, the town offers a stunning landscape to be admired on the terrace of your Novigrad villa.

Our hand-picked villas, combined with the beautiful surroundings, warm weather and friendly locals will create a a holiday experience worthy of a fairy-tale. We can accommodate all your holiday wishes, whether you’d rather stay at a highly modern villa on the coast or in a charmingly rustic countryside villa; have your morning swim in the privacy of your villa pool or walk the short distance to the nearest beach.

At our villas, you can enjoy your morning breakfast on the terrace and have a night in with a dinner cooked from local ingredients in the state-of-the-art kitchen or be in walking distance of some top-class restaurants. Whether you’re travelling with your family or with a larger group of friends or co-workers, our villas offer you the best way to experience this corner of Croatia.

Get to know the town outside of your Novigrad villa

Don’t let the small size of the town fool you: there are so many opportunities for relaxation and fun on offer here. Booking holiday villas in Novigrad is a fantastic choice for holidaymakers whatever their interests. You can sunbathe all day long in good company, read a compelling novel in the shade, go on walks around the town and just lounge around, or if you are looking to get your adrenaline
pumping, you are still in the right place.

Explore the town and the neighbouring areas

Beautiful restaurants and taverns offering superb delicacies, cosy shops overlooking the bay, and hospitable locals, are just a fraction of what this picturesque town has to offer. Its rich history can still be seen in the city today and offers plenty of opportunities to fill up your camera’s memory card. Make sure to visit the following sights:

  • The Opcinski Areloj bell tower
  • The church of St. Nicolaus on the harbour
  • The fortress of Castum Novum and the ruins of an ancient castle

Novigrad is also an ideal starting point for exploring central Dalmatia further. For younger travelers, or those night owls among us. the pulsating nightlife awaiting in the nearby cities of Zadar, Biograd, Pag or Vodice is certainly enough to keep you entertained. These cities are of course worth a day trip as well, after which it’ll be great to lift your feet up on the coach of your Novigrad villa.

Enjoy the wilderness

Novigrad is surrounded by beautiful nature, which delights visitors from all over the world. The sparkling Novigrad Sea offers plenty of activities by and on the water. Thanks to it being a sheltered bay, it’s protected from the rough winds and waves of the open ocean. The well-kept beaches and small, charming coves are ideal for enjoying swimming and sunbathing, while tall pine trees provide much needed shade.

If you want to explore the vast green vistas surrounding our villas in Novigrad, there are plenty of parks worth visiting, including the National Parks of Paklenica, Plitvice, Krka and Kornati. The Paklenica National Park is a real treat for all mountaineers, while Plitvice, Krka and Kornati will delight you with their rich flora and fauna and breathtaking natural attractions. If bird watching is your cup of tea, visit the Vrana Reserve and Lake Vrana!

Stay active

The various national parks also offer the chance for the active holidaymakers to hike. The National Park Velebit in particular, with its proximity to the mountain area is perfect for that. It also offers the chance to explore the largest cave complex in Croatia, the Cerovac Caves.

Water sport enthusiasts should head to the Zrmanja River and try their hand at canoeing, rafting, or kayaking. Swimming in the river or gentle stand-up paddling are options for those who’d rather take it easy. And when you finally manage to tire yourself out, you can have a picnic on the riverbank and enjoy quality, relaxing time with your friends and family.

Book your Novigrad villas from the experts

Book one of our villas in Novigrad and experience an enchanting holiday in Croatia. Our high standards for your villas will make sure that you can only expect the best when it comes to high-quality holiday accommodation. Our friendly and professional service, secure payment methods and fair and transparent prices enable you to enjoy a stress- and hassle-free booking experience, right from the moment you enter our website. With Croatia Luxury Rent your guaranteed to be in good hands!

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