Two beautiful towns in Croatia boast the same name, Novigrad. One is located in Istria and the other is in Dalmatia, in a fantastic location that promises a summer vacation you could only dream of. If we got you intrigued, keep reading!

Get to know Novigrad in Dalmatia

Novigrad in Dalmatia is located in a truly special location, in a narrow bay on the southern coast of the Novigrad Sea. Surrounded by the remains of stone walls which once served as protection, this historic town sprang up on the ruins of a former 13th century fortress, at the foot of the magnificent Velebit Mountain.

The sparkling Novigrad Sea is extremely rich in various types of fish and shellfish as a result of the clear Zrmanja River flowing into it. Well-kept beaches and small, charming coves are ideal for enjoying swimming and sunbathing, while tall pine trees provide much needed shade. Although small, Novigrad is full of natural and cultural beauty delighting visitors from all over the world.

Beautiful restaurants and taverns offering superb delicacies, cozy locales overlooking the bay and hospitable locals are just a fraction of what this picturesque town has to offer. Don’t let its size fool you, as Novigrad offers numerous opportunities for relaxation and fun. Villas in Novigrad are therefore a fantastic choice for visitors who want to enjoy both a passive and active holiday.

How to spend your holiday in Novigrad
If you decide to spend your holiday in Novigrad in Dalmatia, true summer fun is guaranteed. Due to its perfect location, Novigrad is an ideal starting point for exploring central Dalmatia.

Sunbathing all day long in good company or reading a compelling novel in the shade, going on walks and lounging around is THE daily routine of a great summer vacation. Yet, if you are looking for recreation and adrenaline, you are in the right place. Villas in Novigrad, beautiful and cozy as they are, give you the opportunity to tailor each vacation day according to your own wishes!

Head to the Zrmanja River and swim in the cool fresh water or try your hand at canoeing, rafting or kayaking. When you manage to tire yourself out, have a picnic on the riverbank and enjoy quality, relaxing time with your friends and family.

If you want to explore the surroundings, leave the comfort of the villas in Novigrad and visit the National Parks Paklenica, Plitvice, Krka and Kornati. Paklenica National Park is a real treat for all mountaineers, while Plitvice, Krka and Kornati will delight you with their rich flora and fauna as well as breathtaking natural attractions at any time of the year.

If you ever get tired of lounging, leave your villas in Novigrad and spend a day at the Velebit Nature Park, have fun exploring the largest cave complex in Croatia, the Cerovac Caves or visit the ornithologists’ paradise, the Vrana Reserve and Lake Vrana!

Pulsating nightlife awaits you in Zadar, Biograd, Pag, Vodice and many other locations near the stunning town of Novigrad. Go to a festival or concert, leave your worries behind and dance the night away.

Enchanting villas in Novigrad are waiting for you! Book your stay now to explore the offer of Novigrad and its gorgeous surroundings!

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